Military Recruitment: Coming to an Arcade Near You

Kombo writes, "If you are a male, living in the United States, that falls between the age of 17 and 21, chances are you have heard from a military recruiter or two. Hell, when I was in High School, they used to rent out our gym for entire afternoons, just so that they could interview potential applicants.

Now it seems that the Army is setting their sights on a younger demographic, by sponsoring recruitment centers that double as ARCADES! So how do you think this scheme is working out for them?"

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CrAppleton3506d ago

It's crazy what they do now days

bgrundman3506d ago

It is now more of an effort to get into the heads of young people. It is kind of scary really.

CrAppleton3506d ago

I've heard this before though.. and everyone playing shooter games is "voluntarily training" for the military..

bgrundman3506d ago

It is like the people who were playing the America's Army game that they gave away on the PC.

CrAppleton3506d ago

Right.. I hear ya.. Interesting approach though.. And I think it might work

BlackTar1873506d ago

only because the future weapons are turning into to death by joystick and the best people for that are people like you and me who have trained our whole life at it(you see that Ive trained now I dont feel like a piece )

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