LittleBigPlanet Wins Another UK Sales Award


"A whole host of video games won UK sales awards in the month of December, including the PlayStation 3's LittleBigPlanet.

Last month we reported on the achievement of LittleBigPlanet reaching one-hundred thousand copies sold in the UK. The revelation was provided by ESPLA Charttrack's sales awards, which are given out monthly to video games that reach certain milestones.

Reporting on the news was meant to calm the fears of PS3 fans who believed that their beloved title wasn't performing at retail. The fears were fuelled by poor chart positions and rare advertisements from Sony.

LittleBigPlanet has now been awarded ESPLA's Gold Award."

Find out other award winners after the link.

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thereapersson3450d ago

I'm sure Media Molecule was really worried, what with all the internet fanboys telling them that their game is a flop, despite it reaching sales marks such as this one. ;)

Here's hoping the game continues its consistent pace. It's definitely one of those titles that has a good pair of legs to it.

Time Lord3450d ago

They already said that they already turning profites on game, and with the sales of DLC am sure they making lot of money from it.

ultimolu3450d ago

The fanboys could say whatever they want to say.
This game is selling, will continue selling, and is far from being a flop.

Mr_Bun3450d ago

I think we were all a bit surprised about LBP having a slow start, but no one is surprised the distance that this game is going!

solidt123450d ago

I love this game. Bring on the Killzone 2 Pack.

badz1493449d ago

don't be blinded by the cute look of sackboys/girls because they are KILLERS! (I'm saying this in the best way I can!) I don't know how many hours I've put into LBP but this devil made me still haven't finish Motorstorm2, Resistance2, Burnout Paradise and lack the time to play SOCOM!! I was planning to play MGS4 for the 4th time but it seems like LBP is somehow made me always forget about it! argh...I need more play time!

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thor3450d ago

I will tell you exactly WHY it has legs.

It's not because of the user-generated content bringing something fresh every time you play.

It's not because of the awesome MGS expansion pack.

It's because you go round someone's house, play the game with them for hours on end, and have a fantastic time. Moreso than you would playing call of duty 1-on-1 split-screen with no bots. It's a joy to play with friends it really is. Then they will consider getting it themselves.

I don't know how many people simply overlook the fact that this game is possibly the most fun offline multiplayer experience to come out this year. The haters just say "but I don't like creating and user generated content sucks", neglegting the fact that it's so fun.

solidt123450d ago

Due to the nature of the game it may have the best legs in history. We will see in the future.

techie3450d ago

Over 200k in UK? How much would that make Europe? I'd say around 600k. Plus the US...well over one million now?

xlx-russ_923450d ago

its actually 1,65 mil. worldwide

techie3450d ago

Ah, as I thought do know they're guessing just as much as me don't you.

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Re-versed3450d ago

This is a true masterpiece of creativity,no matter how hard fanboys hit it!As far as i m concern,game of the decade!

d2dahoopa3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

Made me see some very high expactions in this game, and since Christmas day i haven't played it again, i found that you just play it to see what people have created but other than that its nothing,

But on the other hand it is a very creative game and does deserve everything it gets,

Sackboy has to be the best Character of 2008 lol

Shmapanese3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

its like over-the-counter crack for $60-
at first peeps were skeptical cuz it was legal so they didnt buy it but once they relized it in fact WAS legal,legit and AMZINGLY addicting,it started selling like crazyness.

and then over time more people will start growing more into this OTC crack (a.k.a LBP).

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