Gaming "Journalism" Gone Fanboy

Loot Ninja writes:

"Gaming has become a remedy for cultural unison. It has broken down barriers of competition, communication, and entertainment; it has throttled our very own perception of evolving technologies and creativity. From Nintendo's first console release in 1985 - which paved the way for console gaming as we know it - to our current generation of console diversity with Microsoft's Xbox360, Sony's PlayStation 3, and Nintendo's intuitive Wii, gaming has become a luxurious means of expressive entertainment beyond our wildest dreams."

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drunkpandas3484d ago

Yeah the sensationalist headlines just to get hits needs to stop.

taz80803484d ago

Yes some of the headlines I have seen recently are borderline ridiculous. Soon we will start seeing things like Elvis develops video games and Elmo does Lara Croft, these would go to 1000 degrees easy.

Zeevious3484d ago (Edited 3484d ago )

UP FIRST...News from our Memphis affiliates:
The exciting new adventure Elvis based on his real-life, to be released on August 16.

Preorders for "Haze II: Graceland Assault" are available now on iTunes and wherever Elvis videogames are sold.

NOW in an exclusive enquiring scoop:
Our dedicated pro.fess.ion.alz have these pictures of Lara & Elmo's firstborn...Little Baby Elmoft.

Conceived through Artificial Shenanication Lara was outspoken in being thrillled over their new child, since Elmo was thought to only be able to reproduce asexually, but carried little Elmoft to term without a hitch.

Zeevious3484d ago (Edited 3484d ago )

I have no idea myself.

Oh yeah, almost forgot:
Sony's Doomed...Blu-Ray's Doomed...Microsoft's Doomed...You're Doomed.

I guess there's nothing left to do while waiting for all that unnerving doom
but watch some great movies and play some great games!

Darn pesky doom.

Darkseider3484d ago

He says it like it is. Game journalists, most of them, have become nothing more than sensationalists and fanboys in their own rights. Instead of just reporting and reviewing they inject their own opinions and bias. Granted a review is an opinion but when a review for a XBox 360 game starts out "Resistance 2 has XYZ" or a PS3 game review starts out with "Gears of War 2 has XYZ" then how much water does the review actually hold? Same goes for all the anti-<insert console here> blogs which are not even news but opinions attempting to be passed off as news to gamers. Lastly is the mainstream non-gaming press that are not only opinionated but in general even misreport facts in order to swing the bias axe even more.

thereapersson3484d ago

I couldn't agree more. I'd give you another bubble but I've already given you one in a previous article.

taz80803484d ago

Good points, fanboyism is poisoning the game industry and screwing with good reviews.

Helghast Slayer3484d ago

Definitely agree man. The days of genuine, exciting non-biased reviews and publications/articles are long gone. The fanboyism this console gen has hit a new low to the point where metacritic user reviews are scewed down just because a certain group cannot play a certain game.

The American media is not helping the situation at all by writing these flamebait articles with "hit digesting" headlines. Gaming should be appreciated more and both sides need to respect the opposites accomplishments.

fiercescuba3484d ago

The faster this fanboyism comes to an end, the faster gamers can focus on improving the industry instead of squabbling amongst themselves over inane BS.

taz80803484d ago

It is interesting to me that this article while stating the truth is not being read or getting the attention that other so called "news articles" get even though they are bogus. Pretty ironic really. Good articles get buried, fanboy [email protected] goes to the front page! Its just sad.

greyishfox3484d ago

A lot of people don't want to hear things they won't like, hence why this won't get more attention than it already is.

The integrity of the gaming media industry is going the way of Hollywood.. can't wait to hear about the latest developer/producer love triangles, resulting divorces, etc.

OGharryjoysticks3484d ago

And because I'm a regular poster here who is trying to keep the peace between fanboys I am offended :)