Loot Ninja Review: WordsWorth (iPhone/iPod Touch)

Loot Ninja writes:

"Word and puzzle games are the most difficult games to review. No standard exists and it's hard to compare them to other genres. I am not a seasoned veteran when it comes to word games, but I do however enjoy a well crafted and challenging game and that's what WordsWorth is."

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drunkpandas3178d ago

Pretty solid word/puzzle game. About to sell my iPhone, so I'm going to miss this one. I grabbed the free trial/demo, but would have bought the full thing if I wasn't selling.

greyishfox3178d ago

You can always get the iTouch to keep playing.

iiprotocolii3178d ago

There's just something I love about word games and this one was pretty awesome. I even have my mother hooked on the thing.

taz80803178d ago

Word games are fun, my wife loves Word Womp and so do I secretly. LOL