WorthPlaying Review: Away: Shuffle Dungeon

WP writes: "Away: Shuffle Dungeon places you in the shoes of the aptly named RPG hero, Sword. He's sort of a generic hero, who washed up on the shores of Webb Village after a shipwreck not long ago and has been living there ever since. Webb Village is a common small village, except for one thing: Once every year, a mysterious light called the Away appears and kidnap one villager, who is never heard from again. This has been occurring for the past 99 years. The 100th year is almost over when Sword is almost kidnapped, but a last-minute intervention saves him … at the cost of everyone else in the village. Now Sword must find a way to rescue the kidnapped villagers from the Away and figure out the source of the kidnappings. His only hint are mysterious glowing portals that have sprung up around the village, which lead to mysterious dungeons filled with monsters."

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PS360WII3511d ago

I just picked this game up and only got the beginning of the story done. Still need to actually walk into a dungeon :(

I do dislike how because it's on the DS the game is a gimmick but I'm sure if found elsewhere it'd be innovative ;) Hopefully the reviewer just doesn't like stories in games because the plot so far is pretty understandable but I haven't gotten to any twists