The Xbox 360 Will Dominate In 2009

The Koalition: Now while we can all see that everyone, everyone's grandma and everyone's grandmas dog owns a Nintendo Wii and that the Wii has and will continue to dominate in sales I'm talking about the real console war here. Which would be the PS3 and the 360. See the reasons why 360 will dominate below.

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Darkseider3336d ago

The summation of the article:

The reason the XBox 360 will dominate in 2009 is two Halo related games, DLC, multiplats and a $199 price tag. In a word, no.

MURKERR3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

ps3s impending PRICE CUT, 360s main advantage worn down
blurays meteoric rise in popularity 400% in 2008 will only increase in 2009
and finally not only will ps3 have the multiplats it has maybe the best line up of 1st PARTY GAMES for one year ever
ff is not out on 360 in japan as this article states,and wheres the exclusives it mentions halo expansion,ninja blade?this articles convincing noone

anyone who feels my facts are wrong please explain its a forum..

Bob Dole3336d ago

Your facts are wrong. Because Bob Dole says so.

360RRODFIX3336d ago

Love how EVERY single xbox fanboy tries to shut out Wii out of console war since 360 can never beat them, even if they had more price cuts :) So what do they do? You hear crap like "Real console war", "Wii is not console", "Wii does not count", etc.

Give me reason why 360 will dominate? With what games? Halo Wars (rts NEVER sell, especially on consoles), expansion pack for Halo 3(thats what basically it is) and GTA4 DLC(have yet to see DLC selling some systems, but ok) and bunch of multiplatform games that you can play on PS3.

kevoncox3336d ago

I would wait to see what actually coems out for the Ps3 this year. Delays are a part of the business.

Expected delays - GT5, GOW3, MAG,

I think you guys don't quite understand what that 199.99 price cut has done. Sony needs a $100.00 price cut on every system. Even @ 299.99 the Ps3 will have a challenge to outsell the 360.

chaosatom3336d ago

Ps3 will have no trouble selling at 299.

It's just 50 more than Wii.

morganfell3336d ago

I have HALO Wars preordered. But the fact was stated above. Strategy games do no sell consoles regardless of the subject material.

Sitdown3336d ago

What if that one-arm boxer is fighting somebody with no arms? the end of the day it depends on who and how somebody is defining "dominate".

BRG90003336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

Fact? When has a strategy game in a console-selling IP ever existed? I don't see how a "fact" either in favor of or against Halo Wars selling consoles can even exist.

sak5003336d ago

"Ps3 will have no trouble selling at 299"

Yea tell that to the above 45 and under 16 how to install games first and then later how to install bigger hard drive. I'm sure they will be thrilled with the prospect of sitting on their couch swinging their arms around to control the tennis or golf game on ps3.

JeffGUNZ3336d ago

Doesn't mean that they all are going to be great. Come on, rachet and clank? Really? Those games are awful. If I was in the 5th grade, I would play that. You have one game that will be great and that is God of War 3. Killzone 2, graphically will be impressive, but that's about it. Killzone 2 is being more over-hyped then Gears 2, that game has to have ZERO errors or it's going to be flammed as a flop. Xbox is more of an online gamers system. Live is a household name and PS3 has tried to compete, which it should be trying to do. I hope GoW3 and KZ2 are great games and everyone enjoys them, but with an economy as poor as ours, families cutting back on finances, families staying in on a Friday night instead of dinner and movie, they got to turn to something, and Xbox has adapted to this perfectly. There new commericals are familiy oreinted, so now families will sit and play Scene it and Rock band through a 360 that is $200 cheaper then the PS3, which is not very family oriented.

xwabbit3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

You know y this story is hotter than the PS3 will shine in 2009 ? because xbox users wont have anymore good games coming out :( and when they see this they are like OMG WE GETTING MORE EXCLUSIVES???????!!!!!... no just a 200 buck price tag and a lot of multiplats!!! but those who only own a PS3 don't bother looking at that cus they already know they getting a lot more games and content in 2009. The streaming music and video channel should be arriving in this year 2 so we got nothing 2 worry about :P

MountainManBeard3336d ago

Well to sum it up i use to own a PS2 and it ruled! So then when the Xbox360 came out i was like nahhh, i'll wait for the PS3. Well then i slowly got more info that the PS3 was going to cost more and more and thats when Sony lost me as their customer. I went and bought a Xbox360 and i loved it and still do but its not like i hate Sony i still think they have some good games.

But still idk why people would side with a stupid console why get upset if someone doesn't like what you have all that matters is that you have fun. So its been quite some time since iv'e had my Xbox360 so im going to be a realist and tell it how it is. Sony failed this generation by trying to be more than what they should it been. It almost seemed like they had an arogence with the way the thought a $600 and $500 price tag was reasonable yes they had features like Bluray and ready-to-go wireless adapter to play free online but the incredible lack of QUALITY games was way to much. And all the great games still to come are merely promises to me because they should be out now for their customers to play but well...they're not. On the other hand iv'e come to realize although MS has a way of squeezing every penny they can you get good quality games and service AKA Xbox Live and great line ups for all fans to me the PS3 doesn't seem worth the investment im glad i bought a Xbox360 instead of a PS3 and im the reason its selling just like mnay others i was one of the first to buy, then my friends bought one to play with me, and so on. So simply sony screwed themselves because they pushed people like me away.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3336d ago

The 360 wont dominate the Wii, but it sure has, and will continue to slap the PS3 around.

Raoh3336d ago

i'm on the opposite end of you MountainManBeard.

i first bought the 360 because everyone kept telling me the 360 had the better games. i'm thinking ok, i was going to get both anyway, i'll just get the 360 first. mind you after i got the charge kit, a wireless adapter, a years worth of live gold, it was exactly the same price as the ps3. but the best games were multi console games. (i'm no halo fan, i dont like the ninja gaiden series and i hate the fable artwork, cant stomach it, but i like gears of war co op play)

but then i got dvd drive issues, fan noise, heat, went through three 360's in 1 year. on the last one i traded in my 360 and used the credit for a ps3. for the most part never looked back and to think that i get a great silent, cool, reliable console with great exclusives and multiplayer games like everyone else while getting the ability to play blu ray, upconvert, a media hub and a linux box for me to learn linux with.. for just about $100 more than a 360?

thats value to me. the 360 is like little wayne and soulja boy. lots of promotion and hype, everyone knows they suck. but for some strange reason america loves them.

i now have a 360 again but i only use it for downloading third party games. its like having a dreamcast all over again. i love left 4 dead, lost odyssey and fallout 3 on the 360. and free games is a huge plus. but when i turn on that wretched engine microsoft calls a console i find it hard to play at night or watch movies. so i'm thinking about taking my favorite third party games to the ps3 as well. leaving the 360 with games i cant get on ps3 or games i play casually.

and everyone keeps telling me how much better the 360 line up is.. i dont see it.

i think most people are falling for media hype.

shovelbum3336d ago

Dominate is likely the wrong word. I think the 360 will more or less maintain its current position as far as the three consoles. The PS3 has several games on the way with the potential to sell some consoles and of course Blu ray will continue to help Sony sell it. MS has price and a dedicated fan base that eats achievements like hungry hungry hippos not to mention a few games coming as well. Both will be fine but I'd say it'll be as much the Year of the PS3 as it is the 360. Fortunately I have both so as long as the games keep coming I can care less about the actual numbers.

Triniprince14203336d ago

You see, this is what makes me laugh at the PS3 fans, you guys have nothing to say other than No, or 360 will not dominate. Have you seem how the 360 has been beating the PS3 senseless? Everybody's talking about PS3's defeat. Do you look at the news? By now it should be on CNN. Fanboys make the same claim every year and I love this one. "PS3 got Killzone and it's gonna beat 360, PS3 always wins, they'll come back watch." Wrong. 2008, you guys said the same thing, and what happened, it ended in failure. O look, Little BIG Planet is gonna be a system seller, it's gonna put PS3 back on the map. Ummmm, I didn't see that happen once. O look, Home is gonna beat Xbox Live's NXE. Did it really? Nope didn't happen either. What's next for PS3? Deletion. PS3 doesn't deserve to be on the market, toss it and knock a home run with that trash. Anyway, I'm bout to take out the garbage, PS3 that is.

pippoppow3336d ago

This article is nothing but fanboy wishes. If the 360 manages to beat the PS3, it will do so only by a very small margin, mainly due to it's lower price tag. The person also implied that the PC isn't a viable gaming platform which to me shows a good amount of ignorance especially with the games coming out this year like Diablo 3 and Starcraft 2. Opinions are opinions but when they lack facts to back it up it may as well be incoherent dribble. Sorry I gave that site a hit.

FF7numba13336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

I have no problem with some1 loving their xbox 360. My two closest friends have their 360s, and they have love and hate relation with theirs. But people like trinipunk, or whatever is name is make me sick.

Can't understand how xbox fans can talk ishhh about beating the ps3 by double when ur 360s price is half the ps3.

How is your system cheaper than wii and still can't come close to it in sales?

Why didn't you talk Ishhhhh 3/4s of the year when the ps3 when was smacking the 360 around?

Lombax3336d ago

"Come on, rachet and clank? Really? Those games are awful."

That's, just like, your opinion man...

AAACE53336d ago

"Xbox 360 will dominate in 2009".... Oh really?

I don't think so! I think it will still be an uphill battle between the 360 and Ps3 to try to take sales from the Wii! People still haven't stopped looking for the Wii, and that is causing both consoles to sell less than they normally would.

2009 will be more of the same. Just with new games added. If the Ps3 or 360 find a way to beat the Wii this year, then we'll have something to talk about. But until then... expect the same.

xwabbit3336d ago

You post shows how much you dont know, u think PS3 is doing bad in its 2 years ? If you say that u have to say xbox 360 has been doing worst because in 23 months the xbox 360 sold 13mil units and PS3 sold 17mil units in the same time frame so.. and your talking about fan boys ? You don't have to be a fan boy to compare ps3 exclusives and xbox 360 exclusives or failure rates between the two consoles to know which one is doing better. Any 1 who doesn't see whats coming for both consoles is completely blind or possibly retarded or a fanboy.

Here's a link for you

jammy_703336d ago

that article is like saying 360 will dominate in 09 because the ps3 is better, cuz by reading this i think thank god i got a ps3! HEHE!!!

gaffyh3335d ago

@JeffGUNZ - "Come on, rachet and clank? Really? Those games are awful. If I was in the 5th grade, I would play that"

So you're in 6th grade? Typical retard Xbos fanboy, Ratchet & Clank is an amazing game, and is actually longer and more entertaining than Halo 3 (and yes I've played both and I'm at University).

^ This list includes only the most well known exclusives for PS3 in 2009, there are a lot more if you include the less well known. MS cannot compete in terms of games next year, I would be extremely pissed off if I only had a 360 next year, cos RTS are never great on console and Halo: ODST is really the only thing that is good.

Also Ninja Blade is one of the worst games I've ever played (got the demo), it actually looked better, but the demo just ruined it for me. Alan Wake is most likely 2010.

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ActionBastard3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

I ask: Name the 360 games you actually want in 09. I can't name a single one. Not hating or flamebaiting. I really can't think of a single exclusive game on the 360 I want. Maybe Alan Wake? On the other hand, there are around 13 PS3 exclusives I know I'll buy.

Anon19743336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

So far Alan Wake is the only game I'm even remotely interested in for my 360 in 2009. Tom Clancy games have been fantastic sellers and yet End War has been selling terribly. Console owners have always turned their noses up at console RTS's. Slapping "Halo" on one isn't going to change that. The Halo expansion might be alright, but it's only an expansion. Again, only an idiot would pin a console's hopes on that.

As for the other arguments they just don't hold water. Yes it's the cheapest, but throw in an extra controller, charge and play kits and one year of XBL and suddenly the PS3 is looking pretty good at only $50 more with Blu-Ray, 80GB and free online. XBL? Right now the two services are close enough it's a toss up. Do you want to pay $50 a year for cross game chat or don't you? Simply as that. Netflix? Again, the quality and wait times make them a problem and it's only available in one country.

JRPG's aren't going anywhere on the 360. There have been some great jrpg's on the 360 and 360 owners have turned their noses up at them. Trophies are mandatory now on the PS3 so the added bonus of achievements is now negated.

So what does that leave out of his arguments. That MS has been snatching away exclusvies and making them multiplatform. Please. It's certainly not going to hurt the 360, but getting some multiconsole ports isn't suddenly going to make 2009 the year of the 360.

I don't know if he actually believes this or if he just wanted to write an article to balance out his other contributor's PS3 article but it certainly isn't convincing.

kevoncox3336d ago

Something you can't buy is community. The ps3 is severly lacking in this aspect at this time. Most of my friends own xboxs and I buy games to play against them. I wager most school kids will ask for the console most kids in schoool have. At this time it's the 360.

Chris3993336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

The hardware is shoddy (just started getting disc-read errors - and it's a newer hdmi, smaller chip one with the low PSU). The games that I purchased it for - JRPGs - have been second rate at best.

Lost Odyseey was phenomenal. Blue Dragon, LR, Infinite Undiscovery were all rather disappointing. And don't even get me started on Atlus' pass-the-trash Operation Darkness. Vesperia was Tales of the Abyss in HD. Let's be honest, a great game, but same as the PS2 era with a higher poly/ texture count.

As far as overall software, I've definitely been more impressed by Sony's lineup. Say what you will about Heavenly Sword's length, but the production values and mere "feel" of the game were extraordinary. By comparison, to me, Gears of War 2 felt like a homo-erotic version of a B rate action flick.

It's a decent system, the 360, but that's really all. Decent. It's not phenomenal, it doesn't feel like a luxury machine. And that's alright, cause you get what you pay for. Oh, and on the subject of payment, with my 120gig HD upgrade and wi-fi adapter the machine has cost as much as my launch model 60gig PS3.

I'm just expressing MY opinion and experience, not passing it off as fact, so please keep the flaming to a minimum.

I'll see you all on PSN or Live (after the Gears 2 patch).


Mr_Bun3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

Velvet Assassin sounds promising...I haven't heard much about it, but if it is as good as I imagine it to be, I will be picking it up. Hot chick in stealthily killing people turns me on. Hope I won't be disappointed.

Almost forgot Splinter Cell

ph3lid3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

good for you.

i don't see a single reason to purchase a PS3 in 2009 .. so what now?

360 has better exclusives for me.

if you own both systems you soon realize that the PS3 is lacking everywhere.

Anon19743336d ago

kevoncox commented "Something you can't buy is community. The ps3 is severely lacking in this aspect at this time. Most of my friends own xboxs and I buy games to play against them."

I can see how you would think that, but I'm in the exact opposite boat. In my group of 30-something friends and co-workers, I own a 360 and one other person owns one (a gift from me, actually) and he doesn't game online. Other than that, every gamer I know owns a PS3. In my 3 years as a 360 owner I never once used the cross game chat because I flat out didn't have anyone to play with. By contrast I always have someone I know on the PS3 when I go to play. Sony has some 14 million people signed up on the PSN. There's no shortage of community there - you just happen to know a lot of 360 people.

Mr_Bun3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

I completely disagree.

I own both consoles and I have never been so impressed with my PS3 until the day I played my 360. I am a bigger fan of the PS3 exclusives and while running them both side by side, it is clear that the PS3 has all of the 'Quality'.

Yes the PS3 lacks in the 'Party' feature, which is pretty big feature, but the 360 lacks in sooo much more...I can't even charge my 360 controller unless it is plugged directly into the 360. How can you make something that is USB, proprietary with the word Universal in its name?

I am sure that you find Gears and L4D more appealing than MGS or LBP and that is your right.

I am not knocking the 360 as I enjoy playing my 360 games on it, but to imply that the PS3 is "Lacking Everywhere" is not true and is soooo 2007.

ActionBastard3336d ago

@ ph3lid

My point: What exclusives? You say the 360 has better exclusives for you, but what are they? I have a Wii, 360 and PS3. I own 5 Wii games, 10 (retail) PS3 games and 3 360 games. Hey, if InFAMOUS, Heavy Rain, Fat Princess, Savage Moon, Killzone 2, Uncharted 2, EyePet, God of War 3, DC Universe, Ratchet & Clank, Flower and Noby Noby Boy aren't your cup of tea...what is?

The community argument is confusing. I put R2 or COD:WoW in and select Multiplayer and BAM! I'm in a full game with other people of the PS community. Hmm...

BIGBAER3336d ago

[quote]Something you can't buy is community. The ps3 is severly lacking in this aspect at this time. Most of my friends own xboxs and I buy games to play against them. I wager most school kids will ask for the console most kids in schoool have. At this time it's the 360.[\quote]

The 360 is the console for online gaming--as was the original Xbox. Yes, Sony has tried to gain some of that market segment but to date it has failed to do so. Leave 'hardcore' and 'fanboy' gamer's opinions out of this equation: it's the opinion of the general gaming public---and particularly with newer gamers.

Xbox Live is what people have come to know. And with the 360's widening lead over the PS3, more new gamers will have friends that own 360s over those who own PS3s. It is nearing a critical point where it will become a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Look, EVERYONE owns a Wii (figuratively speaking) but little joey will also be getting a 360 because his friends little billie and ben---and peggy sue---also own 360s. It's a 'follow-the-crowd' chic.

Mr_Bun3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

You are right...At least in my case...I only own a 360 'cause my friends do. I picked up a PS3 because I prefer the games Sony has over the 360, but some of my friends could only afford a 360 and because I wanted to game with them too, I had to pick up a 360 as well.

BIGBAER3336d ago

[quote] felt like a homo-erotic version of a B rate action flick. [/quote]

So Chriss... tell us: How many homo-erotic B-rated action flicks have you watched in order to offer your expert opinion?

Most of us will just have to trust you on that one.

I_am_rushin3336d ago

You're right a lot of my friends also have 360's, 6 to be exact. But you wanna know something only 1 of them has LIVE. Now you can say my friends are losers, or whatever you want, but that doesn't change the fact.

P.S. U.S. =/= World.

BIGBAER3336d ago

Yes, that is exactly my point.

Look, we are all hardcore gamers here. Regardless of our petty squabbles and minor differences all of us are heavily commited to gaming as a lifestyle, passtime and artform. It's important to keep our opinions in their proper perspective. With regards to the general public: our opinions don't count at all---since most will never go beyond the forums we populate and the ring of family & friends we proselytize to with our every-waking breath.

Out there in the land of 'everyday' consoles are sold by such unheard of notions of marketing & advertising. When these concepts are actualised with precision, an even stranger concept comes into being. It's called VIRAL MARKETING.

Both Nintendo and Microsoft have reached this point. Sadly, Sony has failed to do so. There have been too many wrong turns and missed opportunities.

Unfortunately, for much of 2009, the fate of the respective consoles is out of the hands of the marketers as the state of public awareness has taken over.

Sony would need at minumum, one MAJOR, INCOMPARABLE, MUST-OWN CONSOLE EXCLUSIVE released each of month of 2009 to make much of a difference.

Hardcore gamers may be lining up for Sony's 2009 PS3 fare but the general public will pay little heed.

Halochampian3336d ago

here is a list of possible exclusives I want:

Halo Wars
Halo 3: ODST
Mass Effect 2 (want the 1st one also still)
Splinter cell: Conviction
Alan Wake
Possible Bioshock 2 if it comes out.

and plenty more multiplats are coming out. It seems as if the 360 isnt going to have a terrible year as everyone is saying.

NickIni3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

"Something you can't buy is community. The ps3 is severly lacking in this aspect at this time. Most of my friends own xboxs and I buy games to play against them. I wager most school kids will ask for the console most kids in schoool have. At this time it's the 360."

PS3 is not lacking in community aspect. Interestingly enough though, last year the Xbox to Ps3 ratio amongst my friends was about 5:2. This year, it's the other way around, with two of my friends swapping their 360 for a PS3 just in the last month.

You can blast off all you want about XBL having a better community, but it's friend I want to play with, and the PS3 is really starting to dominate over the 360 here in the UK, despite the higher price tag.

"if you own both systems you soon realize that the PS3 is lacking everywhere. "

Actually, it's the complete opposite for me. I bought my PS3, mainly for MGS4 and LBP, and from the second I turned it on, I just thought "wow". The OS and design of the PS3 really does make the 360 look like an amateur attempt. That's undeniable. The NXE has brought the 360s OS up to nearer the level of the PS3s, but it's still not as good IMO. The ease of use the XMB provides is exceptional.

The PS3 was one of the best purchases I've made. Blu Ray player, gaming console and I can watch and record TV through it. It's excellent.

Rhoic3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

360 games wanted in '09:

Alan Wake
Splinter Cell ConViction
Star Ocean: The Last Hope
Halo Wars
Halo 3: ODST
Forza Motorsport 3
Mass Effect 2
The Crossing
Velvet Assassin
Ninja Blade (Maybe.. So far it looks pretty good)
Warhound (Hopefully it comes out in 2009)
Dead Island (Hopefully it comes out in 2009)

..and a couple others

PS3 games wanted in '09:

Killzone 2
Uncharted 2
God of War 3 (hopefully in 2009)
Heavy Rain
Final Fantasy versus XIII
White Knight Chronicles (maybe)
Gran Turismo 5 (maybe)
Ratchet & Clank

(by the way.. I just got my 80GB MGS4 PS3 in the mail ^_^)

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Azhy3336d ago

I'm looking forward to this.

SwiffEpics3336d ago

he raised some good points here.

DNAgent3336d ago

"The 360 has been showing promise in the land of the rising sun. Releasing several highly acclaimed JRPGs to help raise pretty lack luster sales in Japan."

Releasing several highly acclaimed JRPGs? lol, where are they at? I can't seem to find them. Those mediocre titles didn't help with lack luster sales in Japan either.

"With the recent acquisition of the next Final Fantasy and Star Ocean: The Last Hope hitting shelves in the next few months I expect 360 sales to soar once again in Japan."

He expects 360 sales to soar once again when they have yet to soar once? He also based this only on the fact that Star Ocean (360's Last Hope) it's coming out because FF13 is PS3 exclusive in Japan and i'm sure Star Ocean TLH will eventually come to the PS3 seeing as they would want to recover their costs after making a mediocre game for the 360 (which of course nobody will buy for the PS3 either cause they know it sucks).

dukadork23336d ago

xb!tches crying, whining, babbling racist crap...
in 2009, there will be no mercy!

L Ronald Hubbard3336d ago

LOL @ Jason360

August 15 2008. LOL, just LOL.

Rs3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

LawL getting OWNED yourself?

chewy3173335d ago

Consider yourself owned.(hard)

Ps3 50,663 (+32%) 2,695,254
360 13,050 (-0%) 869,357

BLUR1113335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

I love these articles, lol they make the sony fans freak out.
what on earth is it about the Xbox 360 that has got them so upset

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