Most Anticipated Games of 2009: 40-31 writes: "And in the blink of an eye 2009 is upon us, and games like Gears of War 2, Metal Gear Solid 4 and Animal Crossing: Let's go to the City seem like a distant memory. Now, as is the way with the world, we turn to the future without having given the past the time it deserves. Fable 2 creator Peter Molyneux says nothing in 2009 excites him. Well that's not how we feel. Today begins our week-long Most Anticipated Games of 2009 feature, where we compile the 40 games that make us wet with excitement just at the thought of playing them. Here, in the first instalment, we run down from 40 to 31. Read on, and let the hype begin."

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qface643483d ago

what? i thought chrono trigger was already out im sure i saw copies at gamestop this morning?


God Of War 3 and KillZone 2.... enough said... (-_-)

Shnazzyone3483d ago

lol, I had no idea chrono trigger had never been released in europe before. Shame i've already gotten 5 endings on the ds remake and nobody in europe has even seen the packaging yet... but wait ds is region free and that's a game worth importin'!

pp3483d ago

Forget Gran Turismo 5 that's slated to be released 2012 = A FLOP. What im looking forward to is All Points Bulletin xbox360 game in that List.

DELTABOY043483d ago

why do people like you exist?

Firstkn1ghT3483d ago

I forgot about that Batman game. Definitely check that out. And APB looks to be a monster of a hit. That's 2 games I'll be picking up already.