Army paying $17.7M for training game

The Army is shelling out nearly $18 million for a new training simulator game that will allow soldiers to drive virtual vehicles, fire virtual weapons and pilot virtual unmanned aerial vehicles in combat situations.

The contract for "Game After Ambush" was awarded late last month to software developers Laser Shot, of Texas, Bohemia Interactive, of the Czech Republic, and Australia-based Calytrix Technologies.

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morganfell3357d ago

Well like Stars and Stripes usual pattern, they are wrong. Lasershot is a front company that has agreements with Bohemia Interactive OF AUSTRALIA, NOT THE CZECH REPUBLIC. BIA is tied to that company and the contract was signed by Lasershot as they are a US based entity and easier with which to assemble required legal paperwork. The game is a sim called VBS2, a descendant of Operation Flashpoint.