Game Crazy POS Lists Black 360

Reported in the Cheap Ass Gamer Forums, and confirmed by Kotaku this morning, video game store chain Game Crazy has in their POS systems a sku for a black 120GB Xbox 360. Retailing for S479.99 the sku shows a release date of May 1st of this year. But so far it looks like only Game Crazy has this information...none of the EBGameStop stores Kotaku called knew what they were talking about.

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likeaboss3024196d ago (Edited 4196d ago )

If this turns out to be true I might by one. I think MS would be better served to move the current premium unit to core status and make this the new flagship at the $399 price point. If they are going to go $479 they might as well have thrown in HD DVD.

Oh and it better have HDMI!

R34GTR4196d ago


It returns. To wreak havoc on all early adopters. ; )

Grown Folks Talk4196d ago (Edited 4196d ago )

it's all that is needed. i could get my current unit painted if it matters that much. that is, of course unless they unleash the hot pink 360. then it's on. +}

WhEeLz4196d ago

well thats good news....but is the drive removable?

The Snake4196d ago

If you're asking about the hard drive then yes it is.

kewlkat0074196d ago

Not that I'm trading in my current xbox 360 just for the black one but the "black" works well with the green lights.

MissAubrey4196d ago

and its kind of pissin me off! Is there a black 360 or not!?

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The story is too old to be commented.