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Return of Family Fun

"We believe our Hasbro Family Game Night channel on Xbox LIVE Arcade will be one of the most dynamic and fun collections available on the platform," said Chip Lange, General Manager of EA Hasbro. "We've been given the unique opportunity to create an exclusive EA Hasbro branded destination within the Xbox LIVE Arcade so players can easily find and play our lineup family-friendly digital board games. Just as families have game closets in their home, they will also be able to stock a digital game closet serving up hours of interactive play for kids and adults alike."


Now with XBL screenshots

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Neco5123507d ago

i love all these old bord games! cant wait

CrAppleton3507d ago

For sure! These are going to be a great way to get the whole family involved.. even if they don't like videogames

CrAppleton3507d ago

And BTW it's BOARD games.. LMAO.. you're making it seem as though these games are boring.. =/

Neco5123507d ago

whatever same difference

Emmo3507d ago

This is great for me, it gives me more games I can play with the rest of the family.

I am interested to see how the Family Games Night Channel works differently from normal XBLA games

Bnet3433507d ago

Dude! Yes! I love Sorry! :) I'll probably get Connect Four as well and Battleship (YOU SUNK MY BATTLESHIP!). I just wish EA made the Monopoly game online enabled and on Live Arcade, but they did the complete opposite.

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Hobb3507d ago


CrAppleton3507d ago

Anyone have any other family games they'd like to see?


Would it not be better to actually get the real board game out? I thought that was the whole point of board games, to get the family in the living room around the game, not a crappy digital version.

Neco5123507d ago

hahah youre right, but dont most kids crowd around the tv these days? so it would make sense to get them together in front of it

maybe easier???

CrAppleton3507d ago

Yeah.. I agree with you @BRACHATTACK, but I also agree with @Neco512.. It's tough to get the kids to sit at the table for an hour to play a game that isn't interactive.. I think it would be much easier to get them in front of the TV


Yea, it is easier, i can't argue with that.

As long as it brings the family together :)

But its not the same is it? :(

CrAppleton3507d ago

Not the same at all.. You're right.. But unfortunately times have changed.. Everything is digital now.. and that is the world my kids are growing up into.. Sad to say.. but I'm excited none the less to be able to bring them some of the games that I enjoyed as a kid that I would otherwise probably not be able to get them to endure.. =(

bgrundman3507d ago

There is just something about spending time together around the table playing games that can bring out the best in families. This is really an unnecessary product.

Emmo3507d ago

I like paying board games on a games console, you don't need to know the rules 100% as the console is in charge of them. I love playing Monopoly(shame has no online option)

Also without board games on consoles 1. I would not know how to play Backgammon 2. I would not have got my mum and dad into gaming.

It can work the other way round too, my dad bought some Uno cards after playing it on XBLA.

Baliw3507d ago (Edited 3507d ago )

As long as i love bpoard games i cant play them in family or in the same room; lack of space.

This is awesome news for all board game geeks/fans, as me, as now I CAN PLAY THEM over INTERNET.

More companies gonna come throught this way.

Wargames, tematic games, static pro basketball...

Cheers up.

roblef3507d ago

I agree with you, but I don't think it's either/or. Having some family-friendly digital versions of games lets us involve people who might not even want to touch the controller for any other reason. It's an excuse to hang out with family more. On the other hand, it's also cool to be able to play these games with people not in your home, as in on XBLA. I think it's a win/win, and shouldn't stop anyone from owning or playing the actual board game iteself.

BIGBAER3507d ago

And as another noted, it's not an 'either/or' situation. Playing games made popular by their board counterparts does not exclude enjoying them in the traditional manner, i.e. playing the originals.

In fact, I believe this might actually work in the favor of the originals as many young people give little heed to anything NOT videogame related. It's possible that playing the video versions will drive a number of players to look to the board versions---especially when away from home and the Xbox.

In any case, I look forward to socializing with friends as we party through all the classics.

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roblef3507d ago

Interesting they call it a "channel," a la the Wii.

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