God of War 3 potential makes Fallout 3 dev feel faint

"We're all looking forward to God of War III on PS3 here at Our fearless leader Tom is especially excited by the prospect of taking Kratos on a Cell processor powered adventure through Hell. But it seems there's one person in the world who's more excited than everyone else, and that's Fallout 3 lead producer Gavin Carter."

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Fishy Fingers3363d ago

Someone please do me a favour? I cannot view on my current work connection. Could someone please PM me his comments/the juicy bits?


Leio3363d ago

He said: "Everything I've seen on the new Final Fantasy games has looked fantastic, and I feel faint when I think of the potential of a PS3 God of War game."

Thats about it the article is half a page short :/

Fishy Fingers3363d ago

Thanks Leio (and Xbox Street Gang who PMed me) cheers for your help. Frankly though, I was hoping for a little more info as I'm sure were you. Nevermind, thanks again.


SullyDrake3363d ago

It will give old men with erectile difficulties an erection, it will make sterile women ovulate, and it will save 3rd world countries.

It will also make me orgasm repeatedly.

Bloodshedder3363d ago

nice one "Mitchell" hahahaa

Karum3362d ago

Bubble to mitchell for making me lol

LinuxGuru3362d ago

LOL @ Mitchell....hahahaha

motts3362d ago

probs for leio for the ballin icon

Coffin873362d ago

thanks for saving me two minutes. ^^

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thereapersson3363d ago

Knowing that Kratos will be on my HDTV by the end of this year.

I'm sure all the non-PS3-owning gamers out there should feel faint too, knowing they won't be playing it. :)

thereapersson3363d ago

lol at all the jealous disagreers who know it's true... ;)

Giriath3363d ago

I'm leaning more towards early 2010 (March sounds familiar). I'll have it when Santa Monica feels that they're done, no rushing is needed.

thereapersson3363d ago

Yeah, I'm hoping they get it before the end of the year, but if it's slightly delayed into 2010 (say first quarter, early spring or late winter), I won't be too disappointed. I just am itching to play a next-generation God of War! It's one of the biggest reasons why I own a PS3.

MmaFanQc3363d ago

lol at the poor mono console owner who will not play great games on the ps3 just because theyre fanboys.

Jinxstar3362d ago

Reaper I'm as excited as anyone but there has been no announcement from sony or santa monica. All other GOW games have released in march. I would expect nothing else and if it does release sooner then great but it would not be a delay as of now...

Ivix3362d ago


It's more because I'm poor. :P

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BRACHATTACK3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )


thereapersson3363d ago

That honor goes to Killzone 2

Jager3363d ago

Sh!t lmao, PS3 community going at each others necks on which gets the GotY, Killzone 2 or GoW3? lets not forget GT5 folks :P

-GametimeUK-3363d ago

hmmm who is more likely to get goty?

The sequel to some of the most amazing games EVAR! God of War?


The sequal to 1 fail FPS on PS2 and also have a meh game on PSP?

sorry but I predict God of War3 to be game of the year 2009 ITS FREAKING AWESOME!... But hey Uncharted has a chance to beat them both too...

ICUP3362d ago

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves GOTY!

SlyGuy3362d ago

Looks as though GOTY 09 is going to once again be a battle between two (or possibly more this time) PS3 exclusives.

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farhsa20083363d ago

god of war for ps3 only, has a nice sound to it doesn't it?

Helghast Slayer3363d ago

Sure f%$king does my friend, sure f%$king does.

Sarcasm3363d ago

It's a deafening shrieking sound to 360 fanboys. It makes them ball up to a corner chanting "But Gears 2. But Gears 2. But Gears 2."

Obama3362d ago

I thought it's "but he sales..but the sales!" Recently they just talk about sales and not actual games.

CryofSilence3362d ago

Bubbles for you, Sarcasm. ^.^

7h3ultim8p003362d ago

Oh PS3 fans lol. You guys remind me of depressed little girls trying to comfort each other after they just got dumped and shat on.

Obama3362d ago

you shat on little girls? u sick **** XD

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ultimolu3363d ago

This game is gonna look incredible.

That's all I have to say about that.

madmike3363d ago

you didnt have to bring up the xbox360 but just remember dont bring up the victim card next post.

UltimateIdiot9113363d ago

Just take off those fanboy goggles for a moment. I don't see anything about the 360 in that post.