Gran Turismo: Two Guys Go From Racing Games To Racing Real Cars

Kotaku Write: Last year, Sony and Nissan teamed up to hold a Gran Turismo competition. GT racers would compete for a spot on a real race team. The winners are in, so let's go meet 'em.

Lars Schlömer is a German cab driver. Lucas Ordóñez is a uni student from Spain. Both are mad Gran Turismo fanboys, both have mad Gran Turismo skills, both will now be racing in the 24-hour Dubai endurance race on January 8 after they beat out 25,000 other competitors in GT5: Prologue for the top prize.

They'll be joined on the team (the Nissan PlayStation Team) by ex-Formula 1 driver Johnny Herbert, and really, as far as game competitions go I'm stumped trying to come up with one that's so damn amazing.

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thereapersson3358d ago

I thought GT wasn't a real simulator? ;-)

Fishy Fingers3358d ago

Did someone really say that? Crazy, GT is about as close as you can get, especially with a decent steering wheel. In fact, I thought most people found if "too realistic".

thereapersson3358d ago

Every Forza fan who complains that GT doesn't have realistic physics and no damage, therefore it's not a simulator.

A load of BS, really...

ice_prophecy3358d ago

possibly, perhaps, a high percentage of Gran Turismo Series fans are in an age group that has actual driving experience?

I jest.

In all seriousness, The benefit the GT series always had was the variety in vehicles you could select. Nothing like racing a car you actually own and burning rubber with it. Virtually, naturally.

MURKERR3358d ago (Edited 3358d ago )

.. gt is in a league of its own

ice_prophecy3358d ago

As much appealing as damage is, when you get down to the grit of simulated racing, do you really want to drive in such a way that your car is damaged?

Sure it enhances the experience and makes it more holistic. But does it give the racing technique more depth?

thereapersson3358d ago

And Ice_Prophecy, bubbles for the sensible post. You would think that the point of being skilled at racing is NOT TO CRASH....

I digress though.

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n4gzz3358d ago

so much for GT not being close to realistic sim racer. /sarcasm

Rock Bottom3358d ago

If you ask me, this is a proof that GT is the closest racing game to the real thing, not that I ever had any doubt about it.

Dave20013358d ago

Forza is 1000 times better!!!!

PS3 is a huge flop!!!! Long live the 360 the greatest gaming machine in existence!!!!!

Queers of War3358d ago

you can stick that sh*t, along with failed project gotham racing and raceNOOB, in your ass cause they'll never be as good as the GT franchise

xlx-russ_923358d ago

but but GT is so stupid and not realistic. /sarcasm

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The story is too old to be commented.