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Submitted by Fishy Fingers 2592d ago | news

Gran Turismo: Two Guys Go From Racing Games To Racing Real Cars

Kotaku Write: Last year, Sony and Nissan teamed up to hold a Gran Turismo competition. GT racers would compete for a spot on a real race team. The winners are in, so let's go meet 'em.

Lars Schlömer is a German cab driver. Lucas Ordóñez is a uni student from Spain. Both are mad Gran Turismo fanboys, both have mad Gran Turismo skills, both will now be racing in the 24-hour Dubai endurance race on January 8 after they beat out 25,000 other competitors in GT5: Prologue for the top prize.

They'll be joined on the team (the Nissan PlayStation Team) by ex-Formula 1 driver Johnny Herbert, and really, as far as game competitions go I'm stumped trying to come up with one that's so damn amazing. (Culture, Gran Turismo 5: Prologue, Industry, PS3)

thereapersson  +   2592d ago
I thought GT wasn't a real simulator? ;-)
Fishy Fingers  +   2592d ago
Did someone really say that? Crazy, GT is about as close as you can get, especially with a decent steering wheel. In fact, I thought most people found if "too realistic".
thereapersson  +   2592d ago
"Did someone really say that"
Every Forza fan who complains that GT doesn't have realistic physics and no damage, therefore it's not a simulator.

A load of BS, really...
ice_prophecy  +   2592d ago
possibly, perhaps, a high percentage of Gran Turismo Series fans are in an age group that has actual driving experience?

I jest.

In all seriousness, The benefit the GT series always had was the variety in vehicles you could select. Nothing like racing a car you actually own and burning rubber with it. Virtually, naturally.
MURKERR  +   2592d ago
na reaper its because of lack of damage why they say its not realistic lol
.. gt is in a league of its own
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ice_prophecy  +   2592d ago
As much appealing as damage is, when you get down to the grit of simulated racing, do you really want to drive in such a way that your car is damaged?

Sure it enhances the experience and makes it more holistic. But does it give the racing technique more depth?
thereapersson  +   2592d ago
lol Murkerr, that's one of the reasons I stated.
And Ice_Prophecy, bubbles for the sensible post. You would think that the point of being skilled at racing is NOT TO CRASH....

I digress though.
n4gzz  +   2592d ago
so much for GT not being close to realistic sim racer. /sarcasm
Rock Bottom  +   2592d ago
If you ask me, this is a proof that GT is the closest racing game to the real thing, not that I ever had any doubt about it.
Dave2001  +   2592d ago
Forza is 1000 times better!!!!

PS3 is a huge flop!!!! Long live the 360 the greatest gaming machine in existence!!!!!
Queers of War  +   2592d ago
f*ck flawza
you can stick that sh*t, along with failed project gotham racing and raceNOOB, in your ass cause they'll never be as good as the GT franchise
xlx-russ_92  +   2592d ago
but but GT is so stupid and not realistic. /sarcasm
PotNoodle  +   2592d ago
Play GT5: P with a G25 logitech wheel..
Then tell me it isn't the best sim racer, seriously.
ice_prophecy  +   2592d ago
Live for speed.

Better simulator imo.

Pity it doesn't have the backing of a company, licensing, and incredible HD graphics.

But as a pure simulator. It is far above GT.

Sadly, it's realistic nature makes it a difficult product to appeal to people.
VMAN_01  +   2592d ago
Can't wait for the full game with the Top Gear test track, that track + G25 Logitech = OWNAGE and WIN!
Parappa The Rappa  +   2592d ago
I dont care about getting "disagrees"....
GT is nothing close to a real race-driving simulator. Thats why the PROFESSIONALS dont even use it. Its a video game.
PirateThom  +   2592d ago
Yeah, Sébastien Loeb certainly doesn't play Gran Turismo...

Oh, no, wait, yes he does.
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j4gs14  +   2592d ago
bubble pirate. u made me lol
paul-p1988  +   2591d ago
im pretty certain Lewis Hamilton plays GT aswell, and he is now Formula 1 world champion.... (i know he plays computer games, and his bro moans that he always beats him at racing games, so im guessing it was GT)
Parappa The Rappa  +   2591d ago
Its the only good exclusive racing game for the playstation brand.
I mean they dont use this as a reference to the way they drive.
They dont use it for training.
They may have played it before, so said they play it a lot for some gaming website/magazine interview---but believe me they dont give it crediblilty like you kids think they do.

@paul: you should look that up. because there are a lot of racing games out there.
@thom: Sébastien Loeb? lol. rally cars are ok i guess. the guy would drive like Danica Patrick if he tried pavement. not everything on ESPN2 is worth watching.
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NMC2007  +   2592d ago
It's so realistic
that I really don't like it because it's lack of fun, so yeah, it's as real as racing games can be, I prefer Outrun, Wipeout, Burnout and PGR, ya know, the unrealistic arcade type racers.

This is my opinion and experience with GT, I have played GT since the very first one, I played GT,GT2 & GT3 and stopped because I wasn't having fun with either of them, just thought I would throw that out there before I am accused of using my fanboy powers, yes I am an X360 fanboy but I am not blind or stupid, I give credit where it's due.

Hell, I am thinking of getting me a PS3 this week, but I am not 100% on it yet.
blind-reaper  +   2591d ago
yeah some people think the same (Im not one lol) but its not a bad thing it is just matter of tastes.
agentace  +   2591d ago
a 360 fanboy with a brain cell
ambientFLIER  +   2591d ago
I was playing GT5P tonight and it pissed me off that I spend $40 on a friggin demo. It's worth $20 at best. Few cars, fewer tracks, no damage, no customization, no weather effects, and no GOD DAMN skid marks. That last thing really annoyed me. Bravo Sony. Please someone tell me why it's worth that much...

But hey, look on the bright side, the car models are shiny!

The one thing that's going to keep it in my ps3 is because Forza 2 doesn't have an Infiniti G37, GTR, or the '07-'08 VQHR 350Z. So...I guess I just answered why it's worth it to me.
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thereapersson  +   2591d ago
Those are all f*cking amazing cars!

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