The PS3Trophies Awards 2008 Writes:

Yet another year has passed by, games have come and gone, and boy has it been an exciting year for the PS3. After its rather worrying launch a couple of years ago, last year has been extremely kind to the PS3 and its fans, and things only stand to get better. One of the main improvements last year for Sony's black box was, as you all know, trophies. Shiny, shiny trophies. When it was announced, it had been something fans had been waiting for for a long time. You could see there would be a need for place to go for all the info, all the tips and all the news.

And so was born.

2009 is well and truly upon us now. It's been a long but exciting 6 months for both the PS3 and since the system was launched at the beginning of July, and since we love reminiscing we thought we'd force you to as well, as we present the Trophy Awards 2008. These imaginary awards bring extreme prestige and value to the game they are presented to (honest), and so it's time to bore you all with an article shoving someone else's gaming opinion down your throats.

Go grab yourself a cuppa now, you're going to need it.

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