El33tOnline Review: Prince of Persia

El33t Online: "Most players will complete the game in 10 to 12 hours, which is pretty standard for the genre. Attempting to collect all light seeds and go through all conversations, though, will easily result in 15 hours of play. With no additional difficulty levels, many gamers might find the game to be low on replay-value. It should be noted that the order in which one tackles the area nodes does influence the game, as it determines which Corruption traps and obstacles are present in other nodes. Effectively, the relative difficulty of each node depends on how early or late in the game that node is played. Even without this feature, many gamers will find the game experience to be so rich and rewarding that they will want to play it again. The game has only been out for a month, and I've already played through it three times. This is the first game in years that I can say that for.

I found Prince of Persia to be a masterpiece. The flowing platforming, stunningly crafted world, beautiful story, interactions with Elika and mesmerising presentation combine to provide what is not only one of the most unique and memorable experiences of the year, but also one of the very best. However, I should point out that gamers who prefer their games to be high on challenge and to provide a concrete sense of accomplishment will in all likelihood not enjoy Prince of Persia all that much. Players who enjoy more experience-based games such ICO, Shadow of the Colossus or Assassin's Creed, however, will find Prince of Persia to be a treasure fit for a prince."

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