El33tOnline Review: Shaun White Snowboarding

What is good about this game? Well, it has a decent soundtrack with AudioSlave and Heart suiting this lifestyle and you get to throw snowballs at other boarders for absolutely no reason but your own cynical enjoyment. The four mountains are quite big, so if you are desperate for another snowboarding game then this will suffice. However, if you are after a game that you want to enjoy, that drives you to be competitive and most importantly brings the gamer out in you then this is not for you. Rather opt for SSX Blur on the Wii or SSX3 on the PS2, GameCube or Xbox. This is no White Knights tale (oh there I go again!)

Pros: Decent soundtrack; you can throw snowballs…errr…yeah.

Cons: No structure; boring and bland environments; too realistic.

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