Wii 2 to be Released in 2010

Gameplayer Writes:
Ah Nintendo, the little games company that took off over the fence and hasn't looked back since. To say that Nintendo's recent success is surprising would be a massive understatement. The have managed to tap into an audience that Microsoft and Sony can only dream of trying to reach – it really is quite amazing.

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Blasphemy3393d ago

They can't even keep Wii on store shelves. I doubt they will be releasing a new console anytime soon.

SlappingOysters3393d ago

I reckon they will, but it will play all the games and use all the peripherals of the current Wii. So better machine, and nothing goes to waste.

Like Motionplus or the GBA

shovelbum3393d ago

I really don't see it happening that soon. It is selling too well for them to drop another console on the market. I only use mine 5-10 hours a month (thanks to Boom Blox) but my wife uses the Fit quite often and the kids love it so I'd purchase a new version next year if there was one but I don't see it happening. I feel that we'll see a new box from MS before anything from Nintendo or Sony.

hitthegspot3393d ago

I'm not shaving my head to play games with my mind...

Heldrasil3393d ago

No shaved head? so, you must be considering neural implants? That option will there as be there....

majorsuave3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

If Nintendo jumps 1st into next gen, they have to hit hard.
Microsoft did with the 360, While it proved flawed in may ways it still sells more software than the other consoles 3 years after launch, so it proves they did something right.

Let's hope that the next Nintendo console appeals more to hardcore gamers than the current one while still keeping its appeal to wives, kids and grandmas everywhere.

While at it, provide a 'classic' controller that would feel like the x360 or the dualshock.

Dir_en_grey3392d ago

That prediction sucks... They listed all the Nintendo consoles and they are all clearly 5 years apart, so going by that the next Nintendo console should be 2011.

Wii is too popular to be killed or have an other machine even w/ backwards compatibility to come out in 2010. Most anticipated Wii game is Monster Hunter 3 in Japan, and that won't come out until after end of 2009 thanks to Capcom wanting to milk the Monster Hunter G remake. Wii sales will pick up when MH3 is released and that gives them even more install base to milk some more shovel-ware well into the year 2010. Wii 2 will probably be announced by the end of 2010 and released in 2011 just like their 5 year apart console releasing history.

gaffyh3392d ago

Pachter said this anyway, that there will be an announcement for Wii HD in 2009 and be released in 2010. But it will be the same as the normal Wii, just HD capable (somehow)

FrankenLife3392d ago

They haven't even had to drop the price of Wii yet. No doubt that manufacturing costs are down for them now. They are making a huge profit. Releasing a new console would lower their profit. This is hogwash. Besides if there was any real word on a new console IGN and Gamespot would be all over it. Both of them have rumor sections, and they would love to put it in there.

f7897903392d ago

They wont even think about the Wii 2 until the original stops selling ridiculously well.

yesah3392d ago

almost everything said in that article was guesses.

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Fishy Fingers3393d ago

Ah headline make it appear as fact when it's purely speculation. Either way, even if a Wii follow up was ready in 2010 it will not release while the Wii is currently doubling the sales of the other consoles.

Graphics Whore3393d ago

Heh yeah, just a heads up something similar to this is coming out in a really juvenile demographic, Mattel from Mattel Toys Inc is making a toy named MindFlex you control a ball through a small obstacle course.. with your brain and some flashy gadgets.

Bob Dole3393d ago

Mindflex huh? Sounds interesting.

Product3393d ago

Wasnt it 2011 just like a month ago?

I guess the better then wii does the better chance of its successor to appear? Doesnt add up to me.

labwarrior3393d ago

So, they may do anything they like, make it as casual as they like, have 3000 mario games, i will never touch a Nintendo system myself ever again

Voiceofreason3393d ago

Please... you never owned either console.. Nobody that acutally owned one would consider both to be garbage. GC had a heavy focus on Hardcore games, if you didnt like it you are a casual gamer who should love the Wii. Oh but wait you hate the Wii as well and it has the same focus as PS2 did.. casuals... Yet neither console made you happy? Clearly just another Sony fan trying to act like a Nintendo fan.

orakga3392d ago

I assume you are being sarcastic. I've owned both as well, and I tend to agree with the other dude. Neither has really impressed me.

And BOTH were casual systems.
Pikmin has great on the GC though, I'll give it that at least.

phosphor1123392d ago

"GC had a heavy focus on Hardcore games"
What?? I'll give you a list of the hardcore games that came out.
Super Smash Bros Melee
Resident Evil 4
Eternal Darkness
Metroid Prime Series
LOZ: Wind Waker

and then there are arguable others likes Star Fox..While other games like Pikman and Animal Crossing are still good, they certainly aren't "hardcore". Out of PS2, Xbox and GC, I have the least amount of games for GC, about 25, while I have about 120 for PS2 and 80 for Xbox.

Don't even try to say FZero GX is hardcore, that game is a brick wall, after 8 Races, you have to race against 30 others in a track with all Right Angle turns while the AI cuts the corners to the bare minimum.

gumgum993392d ago


F-zero is considered by many to be one of the hardest racing games on the gamecube. Your dislike of the courses and A.I doesn't change a game into a casual.

remember that.

WEL3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

GC and Wii are garbage. Worst consoles ever! Only a nintendo fanboy in denial would say that they were good. But the Cube was better than the Wii thanks to Windwalker, Tales of Symphonia, Prime 1 and 2, Baten Kaitos it had a couple of good games here and there but nothing to compete against the PS2 or Xbox.

The same this year with the Wii but with even less good games. PS3 and X360 are miles away better.

The N64 was better than both because it had one of the greatest games of all time, Zelda OOT, and a couple of other games like Sins & Punishment, Mario 64, Start Fox 64, Zelda MM, Goldeneye, etc.

-The Snes and Nes were 2 of the best consoles of all time because they had a huge variety of games just like the PS1/PS2. There were a lot of RPG and other genres, not like with the CG and Wii that only has Mario kart, Mario jets-ki, Mario Baseball, Mario Bakestball, Mario Olimpics, Mario Swimming, Mario Volleyball, Mario Party...

I don't think Nintendo could offer that variety of game anymore, they changed a lot. This is a completely new company that has the same name.

ChickeyCantor3392d ago

If i have to read "Windwalker" one more time i'm gonna pop some b/tches

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Capt CHAOS3393d ago

..old xbox..

I bet it still falls far short of the PS3 / Xbox 360.

Either that, or it's a new cheaper, slimmer (?), wii

n4gzz3393d ago

imagine wii with ps3 graphic. I will be all over it. Will be awesome to play fps with wii controller.

Capt CHAOS3393d ago

But the're managing to sell loads of a low spec machine and make a profit from day 1. So I can see them doing the same again and again.. Oh well..