The Blog Sega Doesn't Want You to Read

tssznews writes:

Maybe you've heard of this story before, and maybe you haven't: Back in 2006, an anonymous Blogger by the name of "jpeg" appeared, claiming to be somebody within the game industry. He made various posts about both his personal life and his job (like any normal Blogger), though never anything terribly specific.

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original seed3485d ago

I used to get excited for Sega games. They have been a letdown as of late. I was looking forward to a Next-Gen Nights too. The Wii one fell flat.

Now i know i'll never see a new Shenmue, Chu Chu Rocket, or Jet Set Radio. So sad to see a company fall so low.

Bob Dole3485d ago

Valkyrie Chronicles is pretty cool.

caladbolg7773485d ago

What's most "wow-ing" about this is that these type if situations are all-too-common in the gaming industry.

Gun_Senshi3485d ago

Did you see the achived blog? wow...

original seed3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

How do i read his archive? I went to his blogspot but it's no longer there?

Edit- Nevermind. Im reading it now.

Graphics Whore3485d ago

This is pretty insightful what else can you say about Sega though? They're running thin on ideas and here I thought, pondering to myself, It couldn't get any worse than EA forcing DICE to add guns into Mirrors Edge.

slave2Dcontroller3485d ago

I just bought Nights;JOD last week

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The story is too old to be commented.