Edge: The Year Ahead: PS3 Games

The burdens of being the king weighed heavy on Sony during the second half of 2008, as we watched the industry leader for the previous two hardware generations become seemingly complacent with a third place spot. But not all is lost--not by a long shot. PlayStation brand recognition remains strong.

Finding 10 PS3 games to watch in 2009 was an easy task; it was narrowing the list down that proved somewhat painful. Sony has an internal development powerhouse in its World Wide Studios division, with about three times as many owned studios as Microsoft. In 2009, high-profile PS3 exclusives abound without the need to broker third-party deals.

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MURKERR3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

'In 2009, high-profile PS3 exclusives abound without the need to broker third-party deals.' and

'Finding 10 PS3 games to watch in 2009 was an easy task; it was narrowing the list down that proved somewhat painful'......coz theres just too many to look forward to in 2009 :)

thereapersson3512d ago

Yeah, they've never spoken more truth about the PS3 than in that statement.

Panthers3512d ago

There is no reason to barter for old, dried up exclusives when Sony is investing in new, fresh ones.

09 looks amazing, that is for sure.

callahan093512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

It was a good article except the few slight jabs about the PS3 having difficulty in 2008. I believe that is an egregious misconception. The PS3 had an amazing line-up of games in 2008, and it did very well at retail, too, despite the fact that so much of the media would have you believe they're underperforming. I believe they're performing admirably, given the price of their product in these tough economic times. Unrealistic notions of what quantities the PS3 *should* be selling based on the fact that the hardware is called "Playstation" and is made by Sony need to go out the window. Quite frankly, I'd have lost all faith in humanity if they were so boggled by brand recognition that they bought up the PS3 in quantities fast enough to outsell the 360 by now, given it has the smaller library, it came out later, and it has the higher price. Realistically speaking, the PS3 has sold as much as or more than it could have been expected to by now, given the price, the economic situation at hand, the line-up of games, and the competition it has. To expect terribly much more and to call their successes up to this moment a disappointment would be unrealistic, to say the least.

n4gzz3512d ago

good list just the way I like it. I probably buy all those on list.

thereapersson3512d ago

They're not too worried about what third party games they can buy because they have so many first party studios that make awesome titles. It's something the fanboys have no grasp on...

SL1M DADDY3512d ago

And everybody knows that many of Sony's 1st party games beat out all of the PS3's 3rd party titles in graphics and (in some cases) gameplay. It seems that since the day the original PSone hit the market, Sony has been strongest in their 1st party titles so for them to refrain from "fighting" to keep old 3rd franchises exclusive or even new IP's that are sub-par is no harm here.

pp3512d ago

Not bad Games at all.But still not worth rushing out to purchase a ps3 for. Just be prepared for the massive announcements Microsoft will announce which will dampen the ps3 party.

PotNoodle3512d ago

What about if the PS3 was $75 cheaper?

n4gzz3512d ago

will be good if they do (no dlc crap) but until then !!

Magic_The_Celt3512d ago

I cant wait for them to announce them already so pp can stop dreaming

edhe3512d ago

2009 might just be the year the ps3 shows it's pedigree then eh?

Wonder what surprises ms will have to compete with this.

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The story is too old to be commented.