Resident Evil 5 Update

Gameplayer has gone live with an update feature on survival/horror blockbuster Resident Evil 5 ahead of its release in a few months. It offers detailed hands-on gameplay experiences and information.

"Obviously, this camaraderie that now lies at the heart of the Resident Evil experience feels heavily reminiscent of Gears Of War's similar mechanism, but then that feels like a pretty fair trade when it's already so well-known how powerful the effect that Resident Evil 4 had on Cliff Bleszinski. It was, after all, his inspiration for so many of the elements that composed Gears of War."

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interrergator3335d ago

how bout an update midnight launch

Sucks2BU3334d ago

it is a super big game... so basically about half the retailers will break the launch embargo anyway!

mintaro3335d ago

How bout a demo.....for some reason it wont work for me off the disc

mjcrow333335d ago

I cant wait to get this.