Killzone 2 floors Insomniac community manager JStevenson

Killzone 2 has floored JStevenson - community manager at Insomniac games. This is what he had to say regarding the game:-

"I did indeed beat KZ2 tonight and it is indeed awesome. I know there will be plenty of comments, opinions, accolades and nitpicks, but for me, the game was fun.

My favorite part of the game was when you get this certain weapon. I really really love it and I got the trophy for oh so fast - wish it was available more.

Anyways --- major props to all the folks at GG. "


NOTE : Insomniac and SONY's Santa Monica studio helped Guerilla to build the AI algorithms of Killzone 2

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Kotaku_Succs3396d ago

But we will be playing the best FPS ever made


Sheddi3396d ago

I thought the release date was 25th feb?

Max Power3396d ago

the 25th is for europe, the 27th is for america. all i know is that i am not coming on to this site for those two days.

Sheddi3396d ago

Thanks max power + bubbles.

GiantEnemyLobster3395d ago

Killzone 2 will be forgotten once Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and Halo 3: ODST come out.

chewy3173395d ago

against callof duty 6 maybe but halo 3? give me a break

anyways it is no longer a doubt that killzone 2 will not flop, even if it isnt the best game ever we know its AAA

Sheddi3395d ago

haha so u mean a 60 million dollar exclusive game is going to get owned by a DLC for a game that has been milked out to death?
COD6 wont have a chance...well the odds are better than halo:dlc.
ohh and btw, I cant believe u just said a multiplat would kill it? Doesnt 360 have more games than a DLC that u had to bring in a multiplat? ohh lord.

Kleptic3395d ago

Halo 3 definitely does have a chance there are still millions of mongoloids thinking they are playing something fresh and innovative still...

and what fecking difference does that make?...Killzone 2 is without question a better looking and playing game for me (at least online, judging by the beta) than anything halo has offered so far...

and CoD?...the next IW installment will get some major hype...there is no question that Killzone 2 will handle it on visuals...and Killzone 2 doesn't have any of the cheap ass perks and doesn't encourage camping like CoD games do...but its only on the its just a matter of if Sony gets the price down in time...and how many people actually see Killzone 2 compared to other games...this by far has the possibility of being the biggest PS3 game first...and big games move a ton of systems...we'll wait and see...but I have little doubt that the game isn't going to be one of the best of the year...

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Ninja-Sama3396d ago

but on another note, would it be possible for Insomniac to use the KZ2 engine for R3? If they could that would be so awesome...

silverchode3396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

that would be like halo 4 looking like kz2, i think that insomniac would keep r3 like the resistance games b4

Lord Anubis3396d ago

sony's first party devs share technology. there's probably Insomniac technology in Kllzn2 and it's more likely guerilla has already shared technology back to insomniac. esp the lighting.

silverchode3396d ago

i know they share the technology, im just saying that i dont think insomniac would completely change the way resistance looks.

soljah3396d ago

actually Sony investing so much into gg and kz2 has a dual purpose.
1 to develop the defining next gen fps on any system
2 let gg and their team of engineers develop the technology that will be seen in future ps3 titles for years to come.

the game has been in development since 05 but it is the tool sets and new routines and ps3 tech that will be the real shining star from gg and the game that is kill zone II

uie4rhig3395d ago

Seb Downie (QA Manager - Guerrilla Games) says no comment of sharing the technology for first party, so we could assume that it will be used, since they usually say no comment but then it is true lol

EXCLUSIVEGAMER3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

im buying this twice.

1 for me and one for my friend (friend doesnt have alot of money):)

Alcon3395d ago

@ EXCLUSIVEGAMER: I wish I had friends as generous as you man! that's a real nice present you'll make. bubble to you!

acedoh3395d ago

that made me believe in the PS3. From the very first appearance over 3 years ago to now. For most who buy this game it will be their first Killzone game and I think most will be more than pleased to have the flagship shooter of the PS3...

Proxy3395d ago

They seem to always have nice and respectable things to say.

LONEWOLF2313395d ago


Thats awesome dude, the gaming community needs more peeps like you man.
Bubbles for you my friend.

BleuStreeks3395d ago

day one purchase for me and I will call out of work when it comes out as well.

xwabbit3395d ago

This game will rape :P

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MURKERR3396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

but need to be negative coz it burns,great example..1up who said 'i dont like the helgans eyes' they said it in a way where it must ruin the experience so points need to be deducted lol

Gambit073396d ago

They also said Helghans butt cheeks are too pimply, so that's one more score reduction.

MURKERR3396d ago

youd think if it had poor collision detection,framerate etc that would be sutin to get points i said 1up nitpicking thats how you know the games sick

Gambit073396d ago

I wouldn't call it floored him, he just said it was fun.