Kombo: Skate 2 Hands-on

Kombo writes:

"Skate, developed by Black Box, jumped onto the scene with a pretty big bang when it released in September 2007. In a time when the extreme sports genre was growing a bit stale due to all the copycat franchises and Activision's flagship skating franchise getting mired down in repetitious and sloppy gameplay, Skate showed gamers that we hadn't already seen all that four wheels and a board could offer us. With an innovative take on the control scheme, an authentic take on skater culture, and a solid online community, Skate rapidly became the gamer's choice for their skateboarding fix. The game was so successful, in fact, that it forced EA's biggest rival in the genre, Activision, to put their Tony Hawk Pro series on hold so that they could go back to the drawing board for a bit. Now, as Skate 2 is nearly out on shelves, gamers are feeling the itch to hit the streets of San Vanelona once again. Thanks to EA and Black Box, we didn't have to wait until release day to spend some quality time with the title, however."

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