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Gameplayer: Tenchu 4 gets 9/10 - First Review

Gameplayer has gone live with the first online review of Wii excluisve Tenchu 4, awarding the game a great score praises the graphics, battles and the use of the Wii-mote.

"For example, the Remote pulses in time with your ninja's heartbeat; it starts off slowly when there's no immediate danger and gradually quickens as the situation become more tense and edgy. This is a constant feature of the game – a subtle but excellent use of force feedback that really enhances the atmosphere." (Tenchu 4, Wii) 9/10

tatotiburon  +   2432d ago
finally a good wii game
SlappingOysters  +   2432d ago
I would maybe give the 'first' nod to de Blob... but yeah, still very awesome.
Bob Dole  +   2432d ago
Bob Dole loved the first Tenchu. Hopefully they returned to the ole' school.
heyheyhey  +   2432d ago
i guess you must have missed No More Heroes, SMG, MP3, SSBB and Zelda
gaffyh  +   2432d ago
I personally don't believe this review at all. Only one Tenchu was good, Tenchu 1, this one looks worse than a PS2 game and I don't think the gameplay will be any better.
Lelouch V Brit  +   2431d ago
Wow A Decent Game For Wii Dammit I Sold My Wii Last Week.

P.S: is this coming to Xbox 360?
Perjoss  +   2431d ago
"i guess you must have missed No More Heroes, SMG, MP3, SSBB and Zelda"

Zelda is a gamecube game, does not really count.
SaiyanFury  +   2431d ago
Wow finally one for the Wii that I'm interested in. I'm glad my wife already has one so it saves me the trouble of hunting one down to play this as being the huge Tenchu fan that I am.
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Shoko  +   2431d ago
At the first comment
It's funny how you fanboys keep saying that lol. This is like the 20th time I've seen this comment on different games. so obviously it has many good games.
Mini Mario  +   2431d ago
" this one looks worse than a PS2 game and I don't think the gameplay will be any better."

Yeh most games dont look as good on the net compared to when u play it at home, well i find anyway. SO i wouldnt assume things that u dont even know is true to be fact.
Hiruma Youchi  +   2432d ago
but I thought the wii only had 4good games?
gametheory  +   2432d ago
Just one review
So this tells you this game is good? LMAO

I rather make up my mind about this one. The last one sucked.
Voiceofreason  +   2431d ago
Some how I have a feeling if it was a PS3 game this review is all you'd need to consider it AAA must own..
Mini Mario  +   2431d ago
@voice of reason
"Some how I have a feeling if it was a PS3 game this review is all you'd need to consider it AAA must own.."

Yeh lol And we wouldve been hearing the hype about it for years before hand...and how it will be a system seller.

Just u watch and see!
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Bathyj  +   2432d ago
Dammit. What am I suppossed to buy a Wii game now?

Tenchu is the only real Ninja game as far as I'm concerned and Tenchu Z is probably my favourite X360 game. I'm playing it right now between jaunts on Fable 2.

I have a Wii, it just means I have to dig it out and all the cords, set it up, God. Why couldn't you just be on Playstation?
Cajun Chicken  +   2432d ago
Isn't this coming out on the PSP too?
Bathyj  +   2432d ago

Now I have to buy a PSP?
SL1M DADDY  +   2432d ago
The Wii needs these quality titles badly.
Sure they have some good ones out there but not enough to keep an avid gamer satisfied if it is in fact the only system they own. Kudos to any developer that puts out a quality title on the Wii but sadly enough, if it is not for us buying the game and encouraging others to do so, I fear they will never make enough money back on the title to continue the trend.
360 Wii PS3 Yup   2432d ago | Spam
leila01  +   2432d ago
We finally get a good Tenchu game and it has to be on the Wii. Too bad, I'm not wasting $250+ on a white Gamecube with a waggle stick. I'll pass.
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Voiceofreason  +   2431d ago
No but you have no trouble paying 600.00 for a PS2 with a movie player and gimped motion controls.. Easy to see someone is a fanboy. Not going to say who but the ignorance in their post is proof enough... Oh BTW.. Wii is twice as powerful as the GC was. Oh you already know that just happy to troll around and act pathetic because PS3 doesnt offer a single thing for you to do so you must entertain yourself some how..If you cant play, cry.
Blink_44  +   2431d ago
Wow im actually very surprised
PS360WII  +   2431d ago
Very cool that the Wii gets another sweet title. There are games for it but people just don't want the Wii in the first place :(
Shnazzyone  +   2431d ago
i'm laughing looking at n4g coming to grips with a good wii title. Especially with an ip as well respected as tenchu. As for as everyone who says "oh i'll get it for psp" I say to you. Guess who's missing out. The tenchu for psp may just suck. It's refreshing to see wii motion controls finally coming of age and becoming a worthwhile addition to the general gaming control schemes.

Get used to it N4G. Wii has titles this year so you might have to clip the argument of "no good games" from your anti-wii glossary. Guess i'll just have to get used to every good reviewed wii game in 2009 getting the same closed-minded attitude. Unfortunately for them, there is alot of games coming for wii owners this year that could make them have to rebuy their systems after selling them because of what one jackoff said a few days ago.

here comes the wii!
tippygip  +   2431d ago
Finally some intelligence
I can't wait for the all great complaints that start rolling in once the real games come this year. People might actually have start getting creative. Whatever though, I'll be happy just playing the games on my wii.
ChickeyCantor  +   2431d ago
Intelligence is something special here, but sometimes it pops up.

ChickeyCantor  +   2431d ago
Never liked tenchu, maybe this one will tickle me on the inside.
(and i'm not swayed about the score, apparently my friend loves the franchise...I never understood that, i need to find out >=D)
AWBrawler  +   2431d ago
Just for the record...
The Wii has way more than just 4 good games. here's my list of great third party wii games:

One piece unlimited adventure
DBZ budokai tenkaichi 3
Nights journey of dreams
my sims
need for speed pro street
need for speed carbon
tony hawk proving grounds
sonic and the secret rings
sonic unleashed
oneechanbara (imported it)
resident evil chronicles
De blob
zack and wiki
Red Steel
castle of shikigami 3
heavenly guardian
tales of symphonia dawn of the new world
top spin 3
pro evolution soccer 2008
star wars force unleashed
Samba De amigo

So what was that about no games. I'm gonna have a field day buying from walmart's 2 for $30 come tax time. They have naruto at $15 as well as Dragon blade which i now isn't the best game in the world, but it seems decent for $15.
Shoko  +   2431d ago
And that's not every single one, and that's only third-party games.

To say ANY system doesn't have any or a few good games is a completely false statement. I can list 20 awesome games for all 3 consoles....

But this is perfect example of ANOTHER great HARDCORE Wii game.
AWBrawler  +   2431d ago
yes true
every console has good games, and I don't use Hardcore to describe games, Hardcore describes the player. I was a Hardcore pokémon player for 10 years. No I don't consider it casual, cause if it was, anone could pick it up and be just as good as me, but I was ranked 1 online before I retired. PGX. undefeated. You can be a hardcore tetris gamer, a hardcore animal crossing player. hardcore just me you're serious about a game. clocking in insane hours like all warhammer, WOW, and other MMO fans. So tenchu is another good wii game. period.
Mini Mario  +   2431d ago
That's EXactly what ive been saying.

Casual - some who plays CasuaLLy
Hardcore - Someone who plays a GAME/s alot, and becomes awesome at a GAME/s....he/she would be as they say, hardcore.

Tetris great example, so addictive that anyone can play. Hardcore tetris players can get 200 lines easily and finish it. Then open up unlimited lines and play for hours more resulted in a huge as score.

And a casual player who plays CasuaLLy, can just pick up and play it for fun every now and then. Just coz a game "looks" easy doesnt mean its easy to master. Ask any "hardcore" tetris player....or any other "hardcore" PLAYER of a game that they have mastered.

F zero, comes to mind. And dont even get me started on f zero GX. Finish that game (including the master levels) then u can be a "hardcore" f zero PLAYER. Street fighter same thing, the player can make it as "hardcore" as he wants...it depends on how good he gets at it.

So basically if you dont understand what im saying here it is in a nut shell -

There are "hardcore" PLAYERS...not "hardcore" GAMES.

(just coz u dont like FPS"s or RTS"s doesnt mean your not a "hardcore" gamer pplz)
AWBrawler  +   2431d ago
Right on!
My friend with the PS3 casually plays games people try to call hardcore. He ran through MGS4 and everything he plays on easy even if easy is called pansy @ss wimp mode. He plays only on easy, and he barely touches anything after he beats it. Its like Reggie Fils-aime said. Games are neither hardcore or casual. I even agree with him saying he's not hardcore he's competitive. cause he says he'll try to win in every thing, even try to pay off all his mortgage first in Animal crossing.
TheColbertinator  +   2431d ago
Great score.I'm am surprised since Tenchu 4 got scrapped by the Famitsu scores.Looks like Famitsu is off their rocker

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