Americas Sales for the Week Ending December 27, 2008

What a year 2008 was. Even though the week ending December 20, 2008 was bigger, over 2.6 million units of hardware sold for the final week of 2008. As a result, nearly 41 million units of hardware were sold in the Americas in 2008. Over 300 million games were sold for the year as well. Nintendo sold roughly 12 million Wiis consoles and 12 million DS portables for the year. Sony's three platforms managed to total about 11 million units for the year, and Microsoft's Xbox 360 accounted for the rest of the hardware sales. An impressive 47 games managed to sell over 1 million copies in 2008 as well. Twelve of those top 47 games sold over 2 million copies. All in all it was a massive year for videogame sales revenue, and given the volumes sold, it's clear that 2008 went out on a bang rather than a whimper despite the drop in sales at the very end of the year.

Wii - 774,400
DS - 894,911
Xbox 360 - 411,523
PSP - 242,216
PS3 - 192,934
PS2 - 129,999

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JhawkFootball063508d ago (Edited 3508d ago )

More people are preferring the Xbox 360 than the PS3 in the US...3 to 1

Now Whats 3 to 1

- - - - - - - - - Xbox 360
- - - PS3

Now Thats 3 to 1

GrandTheftZamboni3508d ago

Did you go to school with VGchartz guys?

Last time I checked 411,523 divided by 192,934 was more like 2.

DrWan3508d ago

u owned him with that 2.13 ratio there.

JhawkFootball06 u just got owned pretty bad and made an ass out of urself.

Bnet3433508d ago

Doesn't matter who got owned, it's VGFartz. Why are people still approving their crap? Please stop? kthxbaii

Jamegohanssj53508d ago

LMAO! GTSC, I gave you bubbles for that.


SL1M DADDY3508d ago

Looking at the numbers it seems that VGCharts is into that "fuzzy math" stuff. You know, that "feel good math".

acedoh3508d ago

SONY is like the two time defending national champion that always gets picked on. They pulled a Yankees move and went expensive hoping everyone would jump back on board. Let's just say it's not easy being on top...

jaysquared3508d ago (Edited 3508d ago )

Gotta love VGchartz article like this. When its positive towards the PS3 the 360 fans discredit it and when its positive for the 360 PS3 fans discredit it. VGchartz can never win! Either way when NPD does come out the PS3 is still going to get outsold 2 to 1 by the 360 and 5 to 1 by the wii! So might as well get ready for the disappointment PS3 fans!

JeffGUNZ3508d ago

Fanboys will try and use anything as an excuse. It is only a good source when it shows the PS3 on top.

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JhawkFootball063508d ago

You guys never saw the commercials where papa johns are saying that their subs are better than subways 2 to 1!!!!!???? I was trying to make it funny, lol didnt mean to cause any frustration.

tehReaper3508d ago

Yeah I got it, but keep in mind, this site will condemn you for hating on the PS3.

GrandTheftZamboni3508d ago

He he. Nope, I haven't seen the commercial. We don't have it in Canada. I only found pizza commercials on Youtube, not sub ones. Mmmmmm... looks yummy. I've been on high alert lately with all these doom articles:)

DragonWarrior465343508d ago

The Wii is outselling the 360 3 to 1. Noone even talks about that though. LOL.

tehReaper3508d ago

Hah, yeah, I don't think anyone really cares. We all know Nintendo exploded this generation, and I honestly don't think sales for it will slow down.

A bloody fight for second, is where it's at. :P

The Lazy One3508d ago

the math in this whole comment section is horrible.

GrandTheftZamboni3508d ago

Yep, you can't be a good student and a good gamer.

Bnet3433508d ago

That's because the Wii has toddler toys and mommy games. It's not like the PS2 where the PS2 was beastin' on everyone while having the best games out. Not the same my friend, not the same ... RIP Nintendo.

Axelay3508d ago

No need sometimes, it's useless to talk about who is first specially when they dominate like that so it's more funny to talk about the others.

hate_me3508d ago

wii outselling ps3.... wait for it... wait for it..... 6 to 1. now thats funny

Voiceofreason3508d ago

Kigmal, I know being a Sony fan that you will be completely clueless but let me give you some facts. PS2 library was filled with as much crap as te Wii library is.. Or are you trying to say that Postman Pat, Power Rangers, Dora the explorer and Blues Clues are hardcore? Its a good thing this site is ran by Sony fanboys like yourself because if this was a REAL gaming forum you would have been banned long ago for that kind of senseless fanboy hate. its ok though you're just another fine example of how 90% of Sony fans are complete idiots who know nothing about gaming.

MiloGarret3508d ago

Did he just call Kigmal a Sony fan?

Seth and Amy say: REALLY!?

butterfinger3508d ago

You are clearly comparing the worst of both consoles in your response (and defense against fanboyism lol), but I would implore you to notice that the PS2 had more QUALITY titles and AAA titles than the Wii, and the Wii is not putting out quality titles at an alarming or even steady rate either. It looks like 8 AAA titles for the Wii (I know, it's still a young console, but this is still not a good sign) and 63 for the PS2.

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Hiruma Youchi3508d ago (Edited 3508d ago )

Is this a Conspiracy against sony? Thats what the fanboy thinks.

edit : @ below

okay I'll reshape the phrase.

it'll go as : Is this a Conspiracy against sony? Thats what the fanboy WILL thinks.

GrandTheftZamboni3508d ago

You are the only one that mentioned conspiracy. Besides me now.

psiom3508d ago

You're also the first person to mention fanboy. And the first person to mention something that only a fanboy themselves would even (wrongly) consider to be reality. There's two layers there. try to understand what I'm saying.

MiloGarret3508d ago

Conspiracy, now we're three.

nirun3508d ago

uncharted still on the list.... looks like that 160gb bundle is working