Wanna play Street Fighter IV? Shoryuken for Team PlayStation

Playstation blog writes:
Sure, who doesn't want to get their hands on Street Fighter IV more than a month before it'll be in stores? Well, Capcom is offering some PlayStation.Blog readers the chance to do just that, later this week in Las Vegas. Better yet, your Dragon Punches, Flash Kicks, and That-Thing-Vega-Does-Where-He-Jumps-Off-The-Edge-Of-The-Screen-And-Suplexes-Fools will count for Team PlayStation in a friendly bout vs the readers of Microsoft's Major Nelson!

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Parapraxis3305d ago

I'm sure this event would be a blast.
So each team will have a winner, on each respective console, then I guess they'll have a final competition on an arcade machine.
I hope they video blog it. =)

meepmoopmeep3305d ago (Edited 3305d ago )



i think Sniper VS Bloodmask
would be an epic portrayal of this battle

Sony VS Microsoft

supposedly they're both SF l337's

Dark General3305d ago

They need to have a vid of all the matches and upload them to youtube. I hope an Akuma player wins it all.

Skerj3305d ago

The Capcom team is going to win.

meepmoopmeep3305d ago

*buys Skerj a round trip ticket to Vegas*


Skerj3305d ago

Believe me I would if I could, I can't wait until the 20th of next month though I'm going to be living on SFIV.

saello2mylilfrin3305d ago (Edited 3305d ago )

I think this is the "Console War's" equivalent to 'Taking it outside' at a bar. I want more 360 vs PS3 game battles instead of forum flame wars. We're gamers not writers right?

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