50 Forum Post Tournament Admission

The Gaming Planet is hosting a Call of Duty 4 Tournament with a AWSOME prize list. To enter, all you have to do is post in their forum 50 legit times and you're in. For these prizes, it's well worth it..

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subzero93421d ago

pshhhhhh I got my Carbine ;) lol

Liquid Snake3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

LOL i just traded Modern Warfare for World at War, 1 hour ago! (PS3 version) At least now i have trophies and rumble support!

No i don't feel ripped off, i only got the game for its multiplayer.

I will wait for my bro to come over before i play it.

subzero93421d ago

GET MW lol, if you get first place you could use the first prize to buy WaW lol

Liquid Snake3421d ago

Nah i suck anyway, i wouldnt win. My KD ratio was 1.15. Which was craptasic.

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