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1UP writes: "If ever there were a doubt that iPhone gaming is truly coming into its own, let Mobigame's Edge be the final nail in the coffin of your skepticism.

Like Rolando and a handful of other recent titles, Edge is one of those games that was clearly designed from the ground up to play to iPhone's strengths. It looks utterly basic in still shots -- a series of gradient-shaded boxes -- but seen in motion the game's minimalism creates a slick, sophisticated-looking vibe. The neutral grey world is offset by dashes of neon, tiny accents that emphasize and highlight specific pieces of the game, keeping the player's attention focused on the important elements and keeping frustration to a minimum. The strobing colors remind me of classic arcade games like Defender and Robotron, while the overall aesthetic feels like some Marble Madness-inspired Commodore 64 game that was lost to time, all the way down to the chiptune-style music."

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