Amazon offers Xbox Live with Gears of War 2 Xbox 360

Retailer this week began offering a free Xbox Live membership with the purchase of Gears of War 2 for Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360.

In the new offer, customers who purchase Gears of War 2 will receive the Xbox Live 3-Month Gold Card at no additional cost.

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Graphics Whore3511d ago

With the match making this game has your gonna be waiting 3 months to play.

Just joking, maybe a month max.

PotNoodle3511d ago

Sure it isn't the fastest system in the world, but it is alot faster than it used to be.

InMyOpinion3511d ago (Edited 3510d ago )

At least people are still playing it. That's more than you can say about MGO.

mercenaut3511d ago

Just 3 months of live? who the [email protected] cares about that? this article is a fail.

meepmoopmeep3511d ago

damn, i wish i had just waited to get a better bundle.

wants the SO4 one if it's even coming out here.
then again, it's an Arcade bundle so, no thanks.