Xbox 360 Games Not to Buy in the Bargain Bin - 2008 Edition

2008 was one of the best years for gaming that anyone can remember, some really stellar titles were released for Microsoft's Xbox 360 system. The unfortunate thing about such a good year is that with every triple A title there is bound to be an equally horrible one. Thankfully is here to keep you as far away from these games as possible, even when the prices are slashed and they end up in the bargain bin. Although the games below did not live up to gamer's expectations the developer's behind the games should still know that it takes a ton of effort to develop a next-gen video game, and whether it was fantastic or not it's still someone's labor of love; for that gamers everywhere are appreciative. Next time just work a lot harder. Check out PlanetXbox360's full list of what not to buy in 2008 below, along with the game's current "new" price on

Did you get tricked into buying any of the games on the list? If not what was your worst game of 2008? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Valkyrie833508d ago

my personal biggest disappointment of 2008 had to be Sonic Unleashed or Rise of the Argonauts.....only got 30 minutes of gameplay out of either game at most......

UltraMafia3508d ago

def agree with most of those. was hoping argonauts was good.

mizzoucrou3508d ago

I am not sure this was a 2008 release, but the simpsons game really blew. I am the biggest fan of the simpsons, since 1989, but this was not good. Too hard to figure out what to do, no good storyline, no flow. Just stupid overall.

Valkyrie833508d ago

Ya, that came out in 2007.....and it did suck, very badly.....I wish they would make one like the old arcade simpsons title, so many memories!

UltimaEnder3508d ago

For me it had to be Rise of the Argonauts.....that game was so repetitive and horrid that I ended up selling it on eBay before beating the game, and I have finished some piss-poor titles.....still overall it was a great year for the Xbox 360; there will always be some bad titles, no matter what year it is!

anubis123508d ago

yeah i played Rise of the Argonauts on my ps3 also it was horrid. still overall it was a great year for the ps3 there will always be some bad titles, no matter what year it is!

UltimaEnder3508d ago

I'm glad someone else agrees with me on RotA, I had a chance to see it at E3 last summer and what they showed us seemed like a different game entirely once I had my hands on the final version; much more fun, polished, and less-repetitive.....oh well, hopefully someone else will make a game with the same subject matter. If you've ever seen the movie Troy then you know what I'm talking about!

VampHuntD3507d ago

I don't know if you have a PS2 but if you do, pick it Shadow of Rome. It is one of the best Gladiator combat games I have ever played. The downside is the crappy stealth missions that must be played too. The combat is worth it though.

Also, Colosseum:Road to freedom was a great gladiator game for ps2. It didn't have New Game + which killed it for me since it sucks to not use the player you built through the game with all your weapons and such to deal more damage once the game is finished.

And also, please never refer to the movie Troy in reference to the Greek Myth/Legend ever, ever again. It was a horrible representation of the trojan war in a lot of ways.

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