Sony's PS3 Sales Up 60 Percent in 2008

While Sony's PlayStation 3 is selling nowhere near as briskly as Nintendo's Wii, the company's gaming console has seen sizeable growth year-over-year in 2008.

PlayStation 3 hardware sales have risen 60 percent during the first 11 months of the 2008 when compared to the first 11 months of 2007. Hardware sales data for December 2008 is not expected until next week.

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TheHater3514d ago

I thought the ps3 was doom...a failure... a mistake...should have never been created...the xbox 360 is better....etc.
Oh wait, that just the media.

cmrbe3514d ago

more like idiots that don't know simple maths.

ultimolu3514d ago

Damn, if we listen to the media...we'll all be in mental wards.

Xbox Street Gang3514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

The little tidbit the media loves to leave out when writing their "teh PS3'z iz doomeed" articles. If the media is not influenced by any outside bias, I always thought it was in one's nature to be an optimist when provided pertinent evidence such as a year over year growth of 60% for the platform.

Yet, no mention.

Bathyj3514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

Bu bu but......

ah whats the point?

Monty_The_Great3514d ago

If the media wasn't such a strong force to be reckoned with, then no one would consider Utah to be the number 1 team in the nation. But its because of the media, mostly ESPN, that people try to consider a crap small school like Utah to be an actual contender. If you don't know what I am talking about then you have obviously never turned on the TV.

Snake Raiser3514d ago

BIG BOSS will make the media notice this as well.

Breakfast3514d ago

December npd cant come soon enough.


lord_of_balrogs3514d ago

So far NPD numbers have Sony selling more consoles in 2007 over 2008. How is it up 60%?

ALL_STAR_283514d ago

are you being sarcastic???? Utah is a great football team you know that 90% of america predicted them to get killed by Alabama but yet they completely dominated the game. They got no respect from the media 13-0 only undefeated team in America and yet no National championship game wth..??? Now im not saying they should be #1 the pac 10 is a far better conference with the likes of USC and Oregon.. Oregon State. Yes the media can and does influnce people but that was a bad example imo...

Agent VX3514d ago


Let's see, Sony did multiple and massive price cuts, and now they have a few games and Bluray won the format war while all pulling from some 140 million PS2 owners, and all they could do was increase sales by 60%. LOL

60% from a small number isn't really impressive at all. In fact, Sony missed their sales target.... so how is this something else besides a failure?

INehalemEXI3514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

NPD #s are not world wide right? NPD seems to only track 4 country's. Anyway good to see PS3 still gaining momentum.

Monty_The_Great3514d ago

I almost respected what you said until you said the Pac-10 was the best conference. Haha. The Pac-10? Really? The Pac-10 maybe only beats out the Big-10, which isn't saying anything at all. If Utah played in a real conference like the Big-12, SEC, ACC, or even the Big East, then if they went 6-6 then people would be surprised. Do you really think that if Utah played Alabama, lets say 5 times a year that they would win 5 out of 5 times? No, they would loose 5 out of 5 times. Utah played there hearts out when they played Alabama, but so did Boise State and they lost to who? TCU? Just please try to get a grip on reality before you talk out of your ass.

ALL_STAR_283514d ago 5-0 isnt enough..... Lmao whatever Penn State vs USC ummm what happened there.... Texas just beat Ohio state.... in fact the Big 10's bowl record is 1-6 2nd worst... Big 10=FAIL... and i dont really give a damn about Utah you just gotta give credit where credit is due....

callahan093514d ago

Agent VX, there you go again, every comment containing something specifically targeted to be negative about the PS3.

What multiple price cuts? Sony has only had one price cut, and it was in 2007.

Sarcasm3513d ago

ALMOST THERE, Breakfast has only two bubbles left. Pretty soon it'll be one.

dazzalfc3513d ago

You say...


Let's see, Sony did multiple and massive price cuts, and now they have a few games and Bluray won the format war while all pulling from some 140 million PS2 owners, and all they could do was increase sales by 60%. LOL

60% from a small number isn't really impressive at all. In fact, Sony missed their sales target.... so how is this something else besides a failure?"

Only one company seems to be hitting their sales targets, and thats Nintendo. And i says sales, as shipped does not count as sales. Having thousands of consoles sitting on shelves should not count in any form of judgement when it comes to sales discussions. Both the 360 and Ps3 have missed targets, so both are guilty are beign failures, no? At least, thats by you're logic.

And lets look at this from another point of view. The PS3 achieved 60% growth comapred to last year, even though it has two consoles cheaper than it, which also have a larger catalogue of games. Not bad for a £300 machine, which hasnt lowered its price for over a year. I'f personally be made up if i was charging £300 yet still achieving good growth.

And lets look at it from another angle. A machine thats been out for 3 years, that has a larger amount of games, that has had money thrown at it whether it be offering 3 year warranties or paying for exclusive content or games to go multiplatform, that has a 'superior' online service, thats over half the cost of its main competition, that tried to compete with Blu-ray in a machine much more expensive than it and still lost, cannot seem to distance itself in terms of sales compared to a console that is rather overpriced for the market its targetting, especially during the big money problems at the moment globally. Surely, if the 360 is that good at its price, it would be distancing itself away from the Ps3 and having Wii-like sales? Given the year advantage the 360 has (disregard it if you want, its a clear fact that many such as yourself seem to be in denial about) it should really be much further ahead than it is at the moment

Milky Joe3513d ago

"If you don't know what I am talking about then you have obviously never turned on the TV."

Or don't live in America...?

Anyway, good news really.Will probably shut most haters up until next month...

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Killzonegamer833514d ago

Once PS3 gets its $100.00 price cut and killzone 2 comes out, i guarantee it will outsell the 360 on a monthly basis by a big margin.

dannyhinote_133514d ago

I don't know about a big margin, but it definitely would be outselling it consistently month after month. The PS3 had been outselling the 360 most of 2008 until the holiday season...Problem is the holiday season is the most critical to hardware success in a lot of ways.

I'm confident 2009 will be a helluva year for the PS3 though. They've got an insane line-up coming out.

Sk8boyP3514d ago


Under Siege

MLB 09: The Show

Killzone 2


Heavy Rain


God of War III

DC Universe Online

The Agency

Free Realms

White Knight Chronicles

Final Fantasy v.s. XIII

Cross Edge (Rumored to come State Side) *NEW

Gran Turismo 5

Yakuza 3

Demon's Soul's (Rumored to come State Side)

Quantum Theory


Twisted Metal

EyePet: Your Virtual Pet

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Fat Princess

Everybody's Putter Golf

Savage Moon

Gomibako (Rumored to come State Side)


The Punisher: No Mercy

Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic

Burn Zombie, Burn!


Wheel of Fortune

Magic Ball

Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom




Astro Tripper


Noby Noby Boy (Rumored to come State Side)

rucky3514d ago

I want Mahjong tales! Must buy for me

40cal3514d ago

Thanks for the list. I almost forgot about M.A.G. and Eye Pet, yes I am looking forward to Eye Pet.

Narutone663514d ago

"When will Eyepet be available?" I still have lots of PS3 games that I haven't finished or started yet. :(

Liquid Snake3514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

And those my friends are 100% PS3 exclusive (except for Trine), no stat boosting/pading our exclusive games lists with multiplatform games like the Xbox Fanboys.

+1 Bubbles +1 Agree

Grooski3514d ago

Trine is also 100% PS3 exclusive

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akaFullMetal3514d ago

i think with the price cut, the ps3 should sell just fine, compared to the 360

dannyhinote_133514d ago

Well, the issue becomes...can Sony afford to cut price right now?

akaFullMetal3514d ago

well production costs have dramatically dropped to about the same price to the ps3, compared to the major loss before, so a price cut isn't anything out of the norm for them to do.

Death3514d ago

If they cut an additional $100 off the $200 cut they have already made, it would be suicide. Sony needs to turn a profit. It's been over 3 years since Sony seen their last profitable year annually. Once production costs level off and game revenue increses, that is when you will see a cut. PS2 sales are dropping rapidly and can no longer carry the PS3's losses. I wouldn't ecpect another price cut untill the fall of 2009 which is where the bulk of yearly sales come from.

I know as fans you just want to see the system sell, but it is a controlled cycle. The 60% increase in year over year sales is a great start. Once they start making a consistant profit they can lower the price and increase sales without increasing losses.


psiom3514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

Doesn't Sony's revenue have a lot to do with software sales as publishers as well?

Hence selling more consoles at a greater loss in the short term has a large payout via software in the long term? I thought that was the basis of all console business.

They also have to be mindful of market share, and I seriously doubt they'll wait until the end of next year if their market share situation is in steady decline for 9 or 10 months straight in 09.

Sony has been slow moving and a bit wrong-footed with the PS3 but you have to remember that two generations of console industry savvy don't just vanish into thin air. They'll have some tricks up their sleeve this year, not the only one of which in my opinion will be a price cut one way or another in next few months.

They were obviously over confident about their 2008 holiday sales outlook, but only a couple months prior, the PS3 was outselling the 360 month after month in every territory in the world, and they did it at a higher price point and with crappy ham fisted marketing. They failed to ride that out in the end, and so now they'll adjust and keep pace.

Death3514d ago

This hasn't been the case for Sony yet since the loss they have been taking since launch was very high and has taken more time than usual to come down. The ratio is getting much closer for Sony, but they still haven't managed to show a profit annually for the last three years. The differance is getting pretty minimal though. If they do not drop the price this year they will most likely show a profit, but it's unlikely they will be able to go that long without a drop. Even with a small drop of $50, it's possible they may still come out ahead. It's close which is very good news for them and their patient investors.


RememberThe3573514d ago

The FACT is that none of us actually KNOW how much it coasts Sony to produce a PS3. Every number that has been thrown out there has been based on speculation.

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ultimolu3514d ago

...PS3 ish doomed! :o
*burns incense and cries bitterly*

Nope, just kidding. The PS3 is alive and dammit Street Fighter II is addicting. Need more practice though. Been playing SNK 2 for too long. :<

If only Sony would bring that to PSN! :o

Or something...;^;