X-Play: Tales of Symphonia Review

Fans of the series, and especially the original Tales of Symphonia, may still want to give this sequel a go. They'll want to see what the first game's characters are up to, and they might have a little more patience when it comes to this kind of dialogue and storytelling. Anybody else, though, can probably find a much better RPG somewhere this season.

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Obama3337d ago

xplay hates jrpg, so I don't even know why they are even reviewing the genre in the first place.

AWBrawler3337d ago

Its time for a change.... for G$ as well. kill off x-play. nobody cares about them anymore.

fatstarr3337d ago

what type of hateful bs is this... i am really disgusted after 4o% in the game the story just grabs you and your char mans up this game should be given credit i have seen games that are horrible on the 360 and ps3 that dont get dogged for it. countless others and myself enjoyed tos2 skrew what Cliché and outdated too old for the times x-play hAS TO SAY. they seem to have rated the game on the first 5 hours...

meepmoopmeep3336d ago

can't wait to get this when i pick up a Wii

whatis3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

So it's better than the original then.

Prismo_Fillusion3336d ago

Wow, a 2 out of 5?!
The original was one of my favorite Gamecube games - I'm skeptical that this new one actually should get a 2/5.

nightmareluffy13336d ago

I have the game, its fun and i,m definitely into the story. If you have played the first one then you will enjoy this one very much. Both vesperia and new dawn are great games. My only problem is (and mind you this is a personal thing not at all a knock against the game) I grind to much. By the time I'm 15% into the game, I'm at level 38:P The whole fighting mechanic really gets addicting to me to the point where I actively seek battles. If i had to rate this game i would give it a "B-". and to me that is a passing grade. if you're still unsure about it, try renting it.

DanteLinkX3336d ago

Is definitely top notch, if you enjoyed ToS for GCN, you will surely love this one. I love this game, the animations and the battle are really something, I do enjoy battling, unlike some other RPGs where I am "damn random system", I even wait for the enemies to respawn in this game just to fight them again. And the combo posibilities are insane. So yeah go buy it, support RPGs, specially this one.

I love the tales series, because they give you every aspect of the character, like you get to know everything about them (by adding some "skit" sequences where they chat about what they dislike/like, their life, their fears, etc etc, they even joke a lot n stuff, really inmersive).

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