4 wishes for Wii in 2009

Let's face it: 2008 was far from a perfect year for the Wii and left much to be desired. However, 2009 is on the horizon and it's time to look forward to what next year has to offer. At the same time, we should remember the happenings of 2008 and years past so that the same mistakes will not be repeated. So, without further ado, here are four Wii wishes that, if they come true, could make 2009 one of the best years for the Wii.

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lord_of_balrogs3454d ago

I hope Wii gets more shovelware, that way dissatified gamers will move onto the PS3/360 consoles.

leila013454d ago

"I hope Wii gets more shovelware, that way dissatified gamers will move onto the PS3/360 consoles."
I just wish it fails. I already have a Gamecube that I bought for €99 back in 2002, I'm not buying another one in 2009.

How would you guys feel if the PS3 was just a pink PS2 with a "boomerang controller"?

Or if the 360 was just another XBOX with white paint (still better than 33% failure rate and non standard HDD, but still...)?

Nintendo has failed us this gen and it's sad to see that because of them we can all expect a PS3+ and a 360+ next-gen (the leap wont be as huge as PS3 VS PS2).

slave2Dcontroller3454d ago

I wish I never bought bought it. At heart I am a Nintendo Fanboy because of the magic that their games usually provides. Sadly that magic has been reduced to utter BS.

Animal Crossing:City Folks is a prime example of how lazy Ninty has become. I picked this game up a few days ago and was EXTREMELY dissapointed to find out that I bought the SAME damn game i did years ago on GameCube. I had to face the facts and accept the truth, I got duped! The game is still addictive and fun but damn I'm kicking myself in the ass because I should have just bought the GC version instead of spending 50 bones for a Gamecube port.

Nintendo has given its loyal fanbase(myself included) their now lazy casual ass to kiss. So thanks Alot for Mario Galaxy and Metroid. As for the rest of that crap shovel ware, thank you VERY LITTLE.

This is NOT the Nintendo I know and love. I shoulda just got a damn 360 and had PS360 instead of PS3ii

funktion_d3454d ago

After reading your post, I couldn't agree more. I acutally bought the wii really early on with high hopes. Galaxy and Metroid were good titles, but just about everyting else makes me feel like an old man in a kiddy toy store. (i do play kart time to time still) There really is no appeal.. It's bad when you have to feel like a gimp browsing the wii game section in a store.

I got a PS3 a while back now, and have no regrets there. (i'm not a 360 fan at all) and couldn't be happier.

I've debated selling my wii a few times, but i think i'm holding on to it in the event of a good game or two. I am curious about Conduit.

It's wierd when game of the year for wii was a 42MB wiiware title called World of Goo (although that game really does rock)

SONYSLAVE3454d ago (Edited 3454d ago )

Please Wii help stop the american console XBOX 360 dominating the PS3.

it's making the japan gaming loose touch :(
The SDF is so angry and is getting too upset on the internet.

hotrider123454d ago

wish they would make a new contra for the wii

mastiffchild3453d ago

I hear this stuff all the time and yes last year was dire for Wii owners and, possibly if I didn't have a PS3 and a decent PC I would have been more angry at Nintendo over their E3 nonsense and neglect of old fans last year. So yeah there were six good Wii games last year and that's it as far as gamers are concerned(and no I don't count Snimal Crossing Reggie)but this year there's loads of interesting titles coming for the little white box that are totally different from what you'll get on PS360. Fatal Frame 4 has already landed 85% off Famitsu and Edge so that bodes well for a series ignored on PS2, Deadly Creatures is really brave for a disc release,Tenchu4 looks innovative AND to keep the atmosphere, The Conduit looks great and will hopefully nail online sghooters for Wii owners, there are severaal decent jrpg's coming as well as S&P2, Punchout!!, Cursed Mountain, Muramasa and I expect more from Nintendo (like a Zelda and Kid Icarus announcement at some point sooner then later). The play on Wii range will bring MP1 and 2 on one disc with, hopefully, full online multiplayer, as well as a host of others at a bargain price. It will also rerelease Pikmin 1&2 before the new game gets released next autumn.
Whatever, there's lots of games that interest me and I've been gaming since 1979 and don't qualify as a grandad just yet(though, for my sins I am now a dad of a gaming family and incidentally the kids pretty much split their gaming 50/50 between the Wii and PS3)and this is the best looking third party line up for Wii by a country mile and as some of the games actually look more interesting than those on the other consoles. Not that anything is stopping me from looking forward to KZ2, GOW3, HR, R&C and all the great PS3 exclusives but I do feel people are willing to risk missing some cool games this year if they ditch their Wii. For me Sin and Punishment 2 is as hardcore an experience as anything coming out this year-it doesn't have to look adult to give a challenge to those with mature tastes does it? Or was SMG just for casuals like NMH and MP3?