Early returns show strong holiday video game console sales

Though the retail economy suffered what appears to be one of the bleakest holiday seasons in recent memory, it looks as though the video games industry bucked that disastrous trend.

That's one conclusion that can be drawn from holiday Xbox 360 sales numbers released by Microsoft Monday, in which the company reported that its console business had the most successful holiday season in its history.

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SHAKIMAT3513d ago

I just read the article and it says this:

"To Sebastian, the biggest advantages that Microsoft and Nintendo have over Sony is that the video gaming market has shown a clear preference for the more casual play that the Wii and Xbox Live offer."

Isn't that a little mis-leading? Xbox live is not for casual gamers only.
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InMyOpinion3513d ago

That blog of yours(the second link) was probably the most deluded and craziest thing I've ever seen.

SHAKIMAT3513d ago


everything "is how you LOOK at it"

n4gzz3513d ago

Cnet really starting to stink. Live is no where more casual than psn. That's just ridiculous claim without any fact. You have to pay to play, that just takes away half of the casual claim.
It can be more popular than psn but casual ?? gimme break.

SynGamer3513d ago

Considering the number of little kids, the trash-talking (by said little kids as well), pricing for just about every little thing available on XBL...nothing really casual about that aside from the newly introduced Avatars.