PSP games to look for in 2009

PSP Fanboy writes: "PSP has no games? WRONG. The dreadful PSP games drought is over, my friends. 2009 has barely begun, and we already know of more than a dozen titles to look for this year. And trust us, there are even more games coming that just haven't been announced. LocoRoco 2, Resistance Retribution, Phantasy Star Portable, Dissidia ... the list keeps on going."

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thereapersson3178d ago

A ton of games coming for both the PS3 and PSP? Knock it off, Sony!

meepmoopmeep3178d ago


the last games i bought were Crisis Core, Patapon and now Dissidia

i haven't touched my PSP in ages.

Beast_Master3177d ago

What about Kingdom Hearts and the rumored Jax and Dexter game?

Darkseider3178d ago

Undead Knights, FFXIII Agito and Gran Turismo should be coming to the PSP in late 2009 as well. All in all 2009 is solid for both the PSP and the PS3.

Cajun Chicken3178d ago

Seeing I don't like RPGs theres a distinct lack of titles for me to enjoy there.

'No Gravity' is a new one to me though.

PS360WII3178d ago

Take off Dynasty Warriors that's just wrong >< Ushiro is a title I'm looking forward to hopefully it gets released in 09 :)

gersh3178d ago

Parasite Eve 3 :[
Disaster Report 3 :[

gersh3178d ago (Edited 3178d ago )


farhsa20083178d ago

resistance is the number one on that list and you know it

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The story is too old to be commented.