Neocrisis is heading to CES - RE5/SF4/Dark Void - Fatal1ty Interview Soon

Neocrisis: Did you think we'd miss the biggest showcase for new technology on the planet? The Consumer Electronics Show is the single most important tradeshow of the year for anyone interested in HDTVs, Cell Phones, Computers, Games, GPS Units, or pretty much anything else that runs on electricity. It's also exclusive to only industry representatives and members of the press. Lucky for you, Neocrisis will be there!

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Cajun Chicken3452d ago


Cajun Chicken3452d ago (Edited 3452d ago )

All I've heard its a game with a guy with a jet pack tearing apart spaceships when flying around with duck and cover mechanics, supposed to have a lot of the members of the team that made Crimson Skies for XBOX.

Tell me that doesn't look fun.

hentai20013452d ago

that got me itnerested lol