Screenshots: Interpol: The Trail of Dr. Chaos

As an elite operative, it is your mission to eradicate Dr. Chaos' trail of corruption as it takes you around the world from one international city to the next. In Interpol, players track down the evil and destructive fugitive Dr. Chaos by seeking out hidden clues in exotic locales around the world.

In single-player campaign, use your keen investigative skills to quickly gather the evidence needed to bring him and his criminal accomplices to justice. Or, join forces with up to three other friends in local or Xbox LIVE cooperative play to put them behind bars together. Only your keen eyes and investigative skills stand between the world and Dr. Chaos's evil schemes - use them wisely!

"Finally, gamers have the opportunity to play a hidden object game via Xbox LIVE Arcade and cooperate with other crime-fighting agents globally," said TikGames' CEO Anatoly Tikhman. "We're very excited to be the first to bring this highly-engaging genre to the platform and fully expect worldwide crime rates to plummet on launch day in response."

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