Gametrailers - Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 review

Persona 4 is a well-crafted game dense with content that achieves a compelling balance between traditional RPG dungeon crawling and, shockingly, what can actually be considered role-playing. In its 60-plus hours you'll experience a tight, well-structured story, and the liberty to freely develop characters and progress at your own discretion. Whether you play RPGs for the battle, story, or beefy playtime, Persona 4 will pull you in.

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Bob Dole3390d ago

Another one!!!! Last game Bob Dole played by them was Digital Devil Saga. Talk about a long game.

Liquid Snake3390d ago

Dear Sony and its Developers STOP BEING SO AWESOME! Your making me broke!

Megaton3390d ago

As soon as I finish P3:FES, I'm gonna pick this up. Getting great reviews all over the place.

mariusmal3390d ago

problem i got persona 3, 3 weeks ago and i don't i'm finishing it shortly. talk about a big game.

thereapersson3390d ago

I've never played a Persona game before, but it looks as though it probably couldn't hurt to start with this one. I might have to pick this game up, since my PS3 can play PS2 games (original 60gb model FTFMFW).

Bob Dole3390d ago

Word up. You know Bob Dole saw a 60gb PS3 at Hastings USED for $379? If he didn't already have one he woulda bought that sh1t up so quick!

talak3390d ago

Will hopefully have finished P3:FES when this gets across to the UK. At least its been announced for a spring release.

I can tell you I did a little dance when I read that press release... :)

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