New OPM scans of Killzone 2

New scans of Killzone 2 from Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine (spoilers, watch out)

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rucky3331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

Oh yeah the real thing baby! Can't wait to get my hands on this puppy.

elorm93331d ago

Btw, this is the NA version of the magazine right? I usually get em in the mail near the end of each month

Xwow20083331d ago

the water is superb :))

40cal3331d ago

Excited is an understatement, I did not think that I could look forward to this game anymore, but after reading that review it happened. Wow, just WOW!

Kleptic3331d ago

^^ the first batch of videos that came for the preview code had a couple of instances confirming the awesome uncharted effects...although they seemingly didn't happen in the large Corinth river (a few vids showed the water being shot with only a splash, but no ripples)...however shooting puddles and running through them in Blood Meridian had the rippling effects...

hope its all in the final game...realistic fluid physics is my second favorite tech side of gaming, just behind lighting...

Helghast Slayer3331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

To be hornest with you, anyone that says this game will be crap really needs to stop playing games all together. Killzone 2 will own and it will be the new sandard for FPS games.

pixelsword3331d ago

Pr0n... not working... Must resort to beer!
*remembers that I don't drink*


*runs oustide*

Gray23331d ago

I was skeptical about Killzone 2 before (it seemed like it might only have amazing graphics and no substance) but this plus the game videos and plethora of non stop praise for this game has pushed me over to the point where I am now drooling to get this game!!!!

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MrWonderful3331d ago

if you do not own a ps3, this is a reason to buy one. dont walk, RUN! to the store and get one.

SL1M DADDY3331d ago

Anybody in their RIGHT mind would have already bought a PS3 of their funds so allowed it and if they have not, then this game should some how spur them on to do so now. If you do not have the funds, resort to begging. It works every time.

Sarcasm3331d ago

bu bu bu bu bu bu Gears 2...


Jazz41083330d ago

theres plenty of them on the shelves.

Kleptic3331d ago

its border line unfair to all competition...

Bathyj3331d ago

Thats strange. The game looks pretty colourful.

I guess it looks grey when you're outside in a thunderstorm. Who would have thunk it?

cayal3331d ago

you mean *gasp*

DevilsJoker3331d ago

was somebody just on 4chan?

Traveler3331d ago

Looking fantastic, as usual.

You're right, it looks surprisingly colorful. Just a beautiful game all around.