Bioh4zard 2: Resident Evil 2 remade for Left 4 Dead

Zac, petbird, and jonmag are remaking Resident Evil 2 in Left 4 Dead. Titled Bioh4zard 2, the mod will recreate parts of the Resident Evil 2 game into multiplayer co-op scenarios in Left 4 Dead.

"The campaign places the four survivors on the abadoned streets of racoon city after a truck crashes into your car. You head on foot to the police station in hope of rescue. Upon entering the station you recieve help from an injured cop who points you in the direction of the sewers to escape the infested city, however the 4 survivors soon end up discovering the reason behind the infection when they come across a top secret high tech research facility by the 'Umbrella' corperation."

35 screenshots are included in the article.

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Graphics Whore3515d ago

bu-bu-bu-but I THOUGHT PC gaming was dead? That's what the MEDIA tells ME.

Bob Dole3515d ago

The media says what Bob Dole wants the media to say.... and PC gaming is dead! ;)

Hiruma Youchi3515d ago

As long leon S and Chris are in Im in!

Kushan3514d ago

Chris wasn't IN Resident Evil 2....

Flying_Squirrel3514d ago

What a great idea for a mod, am looking forward to seeing William Birkin charging about the place - preferably not in my direction though!!! :)

VMAN_013514d ago

I am guessing Birkin will more or less just be a modified tank.

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The story is too old to be commented.