Game Revolution: Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 Review

Game Revolution writes: "Impatience. That's why traditional turn-based JRPGs are dying. People, and by that I mean most "gamers", don't seem to have any time anymore. They want everything now, to experience every last emotional high and low in a ten-minute hand job with the controller. If twenty seconds goes by without something exploding, someone or something being slashed/punched/shotgunned/teabagged, or some part of the screen spinning into a kaleidoscopic vortex of Technicolor accompanied by a swirl of Dolby Digital surround sound… they get bored. So it's no wonder that both western and eastern RPGs are becoming "action RPGs" which, though generally getting the best of both worlds, have seemingly abandoned their roots."

+ Art. Period.
+ Intriguing whodunit mystery
+ Mythological and psychological symbolism
+ True-to-life characters
+ Spirited soundtrack
+ Simple but challenging combat system
+ Having control over all characters
- Not many town areas to explore
- Persona 3.8?

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