NZGamer: Killzone 2 Hands On

NZGamer writes: "Opening with a kind of futuristic, airborne, Saving Private Ryan-style beach landing, my first hands-on foray with Killzone 2 didn't last much longer than that. Them Helghast are good shots! Dismounting our crash-landed transport, me and my buddies found a trio of the black-and-oranges around the first corner, and I just stood there like a Muppet as they showed me that he who hesitates, in the immortal words of Murray Mexted, is lost."

The Good: The sharp visuals are an absolute treat.

The Bad: The sharp visuals are an absolute... hey, I'm dead.

The Ugly: What's under the mask?

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jammy_703509d ago

my god im looking forward to this game more than i did with MGS4 i think...

Graphics Whore3509d ago

It's hard to say. I could literally not stop thinking about Metal Gear Solid 4 and when I saw footage I would get really anxious and got ants in the pants.

jammy_703509d ago

ok im not looking forward to this game more than mgs4 (i dont think i will look forward to game like mgs4, unless its mgs5!)
but this still aint far behind, i hope it scores better than halo lol