Edge: MS: 360 Life-to-Date Sales Hit 28m Worldwide

Edge writes: "Microsoft proclaimed Monday evening that Xbox 360 has sold 28 million units worldwide through 2008 since its launch in November 2005.

Microsoft director of product management for Xbox 360 and Xbox Live Aaron Greenberg told Edge in a phone interview that the company sold 10.3 million Xbox 360s throughout the year. According to Greenberg, this puts Microsoft's console more than 8 million units ahead of the PS3, a console that launched a year after Xbox 360."

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Blademask3483d ago

lol.. no one sees how this is like the special olympics right??? GJ MS, but ... come on I think everyone can agree that its more of a bragging point if:

1. The consoles were priced competitively.
2. Microsoft didn'st start a year earlier.
3. That wasn't the initial gap due to the year head start..

I think it will be a happy day for MS when the PS3 drops its price, and the 360 continues to outpace the PS3.

But the reality shock is...

The Wii is cheaper than the 360, and has shipped eleventy billion. If winning is 28 million consoles, well... how many times did the Wii just win? Should MS close shop now due to the distance the wii made, without a year head start? Or should just Sony?

kevoncox3483d ago

The fact is the Ps3 isn't gaining ground. That is a problem.
8 millions head start is still 8 million 2 years later.

chrisnick3483d ago


kevoncox3483d ago

I must agree I saw a Sony commecial where they advertised their movie download system. It is something MS has yet to do. Sony needs a price drop. I purchased a Ps3 a few months ago and I can tell you that I see the potential you all see. It could be a great system but things about is just aren't right. I have been playing far cry 2 and I have yet to hear anyone use a mic. There is no sense of community with this game. I love tha tonline gaming is free but it seems to be more fun on my 360. I wager that most 360 players a bit more seasoned to online gaming than Sony players. The silence is deafinging online.

eagle213483d ago

700k in Japan, and "8 million" in Europe leaves 19+ million out here. If you think that 360 has sold 15 million in the USA you are wrong! C'mon wake up! The PSP is 43+ million and around 15 million in USA.

Let's debate this, shall we? :)

Blademask3483d ago

It doesn't take lawrence.p.wallstreet to figure out that. But thats it.

Good game lineup
Good Hardware(bluray/wifi/hdd)
Its PSN/OS is firmware upgradeable.



I think Sony can figure out when the best time for the price cut will be, but the commercials.. confuse the hell out of me. they are TERRIBLE. Either they are stupid like a fox, or what the heck lol.

Bnet3433483d ago

28 million not bad. They surpassed Xbox 1 so that means they got some new Xbox owners that didn't get an Xbox last gen. Not bad at all. They got a sweet price point and nice catalog of games, they should continue support and advertise.

Graphics Whore3483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

I like how MS never clarifies whether it's shipped or sold, never providing approximate data.

Traveler3483d ago

All three console makers report 'shipped' numbers, nothing else.

dktxx23483d ago

Traveler, Sony reports sold to consumers. MS and Nintendo report shipped.

Sony PlayStation 33483d ago

The title is misspelled.

It's supposed to say ''360 Life-to-Death Numbers Hit 28 Million''

Saint Sony3483d ago

er.. so you think there is no 360 sales in anywhere else in this world. Yes, lets forget all the others, there can be only Japan, Europa and America.

uxo223483d ago

IF some nobody from nowhere proclaim that he did some research and his finding were that the 360 has only sold 20 mil to day, most of you non 360 fans would talk smack and call it the gosphel.

Now, a no sh!t representative from MS quotes 28 mil and all you can do is question where it's some to customer or sold to store. You're comparing how thing would have been had they released at the same time, blah blah etc.

It is what it is folks, don't get so worked up over it. With the exception of providing some fanboy some bragging rights, I really don't see why this is a big deal to you guys on both sides of the line.

cmrbe3483d ago

The thing is its not logical what they are claiming. Before the price cut and about 3 months ago the x360 was about 21 million worldwide. Are we to believe that in 2-3 months MS managed to sell at least 6 million x360?. Come on.

Also if we add all the figures from the 3 main reagions the x360 is nowhere near 28 million sold. 15 million in NA + .8 million in Japan + 8 million in EUrope+Africa+Middleast is only about 25 million.

BLaZiN PRopHeT3483d ago

The article already states that MS sold 5.5 million consoles from Oct-Dec. They have said multiple times that this was the Xbox divisions best quarter ever.

There are more places in the world that consoles are sold besides the ones you mentioned.

Saigon3483d ago

i have to agree with you...I forgot that just a few months ago MS did state 21 from that we can speculate they report shipped numbers...because the only way to reach 28 mil is to restock the supply chain...

also people sony has yet to report their numbers, MS is speculating 20 mil but sony might be higher or lower...with the 60% year over year increase I would expect higher, plus the fiscal year is not done yet anf KZ2, FF13, Y3, InFomous...have yet to release...

I expect sony to hit 22-24 mil for their life to date at the end of fiscal 2008...

Zeevious3483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

I'm not asking this to Fan Flames on any side, but because I've not seen a clear or accurate official acknowledgment from Microsoft in PR Statements...when referencing the Extended Warranty...or in Quarterly or Annual reports.

Does anyone know how this relates to the total console sales, as reported shipped to date? (or point me to a valid reference)

My best estimates are based solely on the $1.4 Billion set to address extended repair services per console. According to internal documents, iSuppli is evaluating a teardown of the newer 360. Without exact per-component figures, the cost-range per unit is an average below $200.

Even raising the amount to $200 per replacement unit, compared to the $1.4 Billion specifically for this issue of warranty claim places that amount at 7,000,000 - Seven Million Units.


Are they already deducted from the total...meaning Microsoft has manufactured 35-million units?

Are they included in the 28 million unit figure?

If so, should the actual number of consoles be reported as 21 million functional units?

I'd like to know, because I've noticed some shipped VS. sold discrepancies, compared to major publishers console sales claims.
(I know there has been debate on "channel stuffing" & profit report variances between publishers)

Since it's important to consider the most accurate figures, shouldn't any number of consoles replaced be fully accounted for?

If anyone has any other references, please share them.

uxo223483d ago

I somewhat understand what you are saying, the problem I have with your theory is. Who are you getting your numbers from for the other regions, and are we to believe that their numbers are more accurate than Microsoft's?

Should we disgard the numbers that Sony or Nintendo put out and instead use numbers from third parties. The past quarter was huge for Microsoft. I don't know why that's so hard for you to believe.

CHEF3483d ago

Evening everyone. I periodically read people claim that Sony reports 'sold to consumer' numbers while Microsoft and Nintendo report 'shipped to (sold to) retailer numbers'. If this is true, how does Sony track the numbers? Do they keep track of all the thousands of retailers' PS3 sales? It seems like a lot of data to compile and the logistics of gathering all that info would be time consuming and probably expensive.
Help me understand.............

Graphics Whore3483d ago

If a 'for-profit' organization like NDP can get accurate data with a 5-6% leniency of error that I'm assuming a massive organization like Sony can get approximate estimates much like said company.

SL1M DADDY3483d ago

The Xbox 360 has sold 28 million units since November 2005. Doing the math, that puts the 360 at about 9.3 million units sold per year. Knowing that the Xbox 360 has sold more than 8 million units more than the PS3 tells me that the year head-start was a good thing for MS but in truth, only shows that they are about on par with units sold in comparison to a competitor console that released a year later. If you want to get nit-picky about it, MS should be about 9.3 million consoles further along than Sony but who's counting... right?

As an average:

PS3 sold an average of 10 million consoles per year
Xbox 360 sold an average of 9.3 million consoles per year.

Do the math before you disagree or prove yourself an idiot.

Sez 3483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

i hope your not new to this site. because you should know. that anything sony says. is true. like if sony tell you they sell to people not retailer.without anyway of tracking whats 'sold to consumer' and whats sitting on shelves. then it's true. yeah right.

yet MS and NIN count whats sold to retailers. because their the one's that sell the products and they reorder new stock when the 360 and wii run low.thats how MS/NINTY get there sales number.

unless consumers are buying these systems from the company themselves. they are reporting shipped numbers. INCLUDING SONY.

Shadow Flare3483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )


.....just totting up some calculations here.... 28 million sales...that means around 9 million rrod's? I would honestly love to see how much of that hardware "sold" was rrod replacements, or people buying new consoles due to rrod. Anyway, i'm glad i own the best bluray player on the market rather then the worst dvd player on the market

morganfell3483d ago

In the largest gaming territory- Europe - it wasn't a year head start. It was 16 months. And MS refuses to deny that they are including the replacement units as part of their numbers.

Shadow Flare3483d ago

That's actually the statistic i've found funniest. PS3 in europe launched 16 months after Box 360, and it's out sold it hasn't it? It certainly did before but it might be about level now. Which is hilarious considering ps3 launched 16 months after and has always been considerbly more expensive.

IdleLeeSiuLung3483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

I could spin that around and say, MS being the newest kid on the block and being able to catch up with the big boy Sony is doing great. The gap is widening!

Reality is that MS is weak in Europe and even weaker (or should I say practically dead) in Japan. We don't get any official numbers like NPD for Europe, but they are making strides over there.
----------------------------- ------------------------------ - ---------

On another note, I read through the comments on the edge site and realized that this place is flocked with PS3 fanboys. Just read all the comments above me and compare it to Edge. I mean, comments on edge are much more balanced and to say a lot more mature.

Now click disagree if you agree with me and agree if you agree with me.

JeffGUNZ3482d ago

I guess Sony should start handing out PS3's to catch up a little bit.

Tiberium3482d ago

the software speaks for itself. 360 owners don't buy games if their console is being fixed. And 360 software crushed ps3 software this holiday season. LBP and R2 did horrible for the ps3's installed base. While gears 2 sold millions more than those games combined.

Eiffel3482d ago

They did advertise their home video sharing database.

I.E: Vista Home Premium + 360 Hook up.

Shadow Flare3482d ago

I believe that's because we had more choice of AAA games to choose from, and not just 'Gears 2'

kewlkat0073482d ago

your comment #1.29 was kinda weak brah. You could do better than that lol

The Killer3482d ago

and out of 28 million there is 5-10 million dead consoles!

so that puts 360 to somewhere near 22 million unit sold by december's end!

as for ps3 i think its at 19-21 console sold! so the ps3 active consoles is pretty close to 360 active consoles!

if any idiot dont agree with these fact and believe MS lies then disagree with me!

mint royale3482d ago

they report shipped numbers exactly like nintendo and microsoft. All companies are the same there is absolutely no evidence to disprove this. Any evidence that people seem to give seems to just be a misinterpretation of statements. If the big 3 say they mean 'sold' we should interpret that as sold to retailers - it is the retailers who buy it off them. The level of stupidity on here is frightning at times.

InMyOpinion3482d ago

It's always "M$" who inflate their numbers isn't it? And Sony's numbers are always deflated right? Pathetic.

Why would Sony be more close to the truth? They couldn't even unveil the PS3 without lying through their teeth so why would their numbers, if anyones, be more accurate?

BattleAxe3482d ago

Take 33% of all those 28 million consoles for the failure rate and you get 9,240,000 defective consoles.

That means the PS3 is leading with 20,000,000 sold to XBOX's 18,760,000 consoles sold.

mint royale3482d ago

there is no point arguning with fanboys is there? Yes lets take over 9 million sales away so the ps3 is ahead. How many should we take off the ps2's total then? Just accept it. Are you saying that the RROD is still at 33%? What evidence is there to give any sort of figure in the first place?

prowiew3482d ago

damn. 28 millions is a lot. I cant even imagine how many wiis has been sold.

mint royale3482d ago

close to 50 million. The ps2 at the same timeframe was just passing 30 million for comparison. Ps3 will be just under 20 million, 8 million behind the 360 but ahead if launches are aligned.

DaTruth3482d ago

Microsoft sales data is PS3 news? Pro MS fanboys shouldn't be allowed to approve PS3 news. Is PC sales data PSP news?

Rhoic3482d ago

Ok first off.. how is it even possible for Sony to know how many consoles sell and how many don't at each electronic store they sell them at in the entire world? It doesn't seem possible.

I think that MS, Sony and Nintendo all do the exact same thing.

NickIni3482d ago

Blah blah blah. Sales don't matter.

Your all so pathetic. Defending a company's sales, which don't affect you in anyway.

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003483d ago

for them, seem that they got all of the xbox crowd from last gen.

Breakfast3483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

Same with Nintendo, the brand is growing strong again.

Im sure both companies are extremely happy with where theyre at right now.

sak5003483d ago

Easy for you to say you have the SDF bible of excuses with you but they are getting the gaming crowd this gen. I never owned or played a single xbox game last gen, was purely PS2 gamer. Anyway if thats the case where are the PS's 120 million users who haven't touched ps3 yet?

creeping judas3483d ago

Nice to see you back breakfast!!

HDgamer3483d ago

Some of us would like official numbers not bs from an article.

rogimusprime3483d ago

how many of those SHIPPED units are laying in the RROD gutter?

Anon19743483d ago

The NPD has their samples and they guess the rest. The only official numbers come from the companies themselves because they're the only ones who actually know for sure what's going out the door. There isn't a huge retailer inventory database out there anywhere that tracks how many consoles are sold where. When consoles get shipped off to retailers they equal sold to retailers. No one is in the business of stock piling consoles so we can only assume that if retailers are ordering more they're selling them. Not only are the NPD not accountable to anyone, NPD data often is at odds with the official numbers.

360 man3483d ago

goodness sake sony just give it up its over

eagle213483d ago

It's just getting started. I understand MS might announce a 720 in the next year, so yeah you need to evaluate your 360 purchase if sales is your only pride right now. :)

Please break it down by region. 700K in JP. "8 million" in EU. 19+ million please account for.

Hint: PSP is 43+ million launched in 2005 in America (around 15m in America like the Wii). I can't wait to hear your response.

360 man3483d ago

uve got well over 800,00 in japan
8 million in europe
15 - 16 million in america
now asia, south america, canada, africa, middle east make up the rest of the sales

pansenbaer3483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

Actually 360 man, that article that reported they have sold 8 million in Europe...

"Eight million Xbox 360 consoles have been sold in Europe, the Middle East and Africa up to the end of 2008,"


Not saying they haven't sold 28 million, but that 8 million in Europe is a bit misleading.

eagle213483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

Listen, first of all when we say NPD it includes Canada. NPD reports for "North America". OK?

Second, Microsoft just released their numbers today that stated the 8 million included Europe, Middle East, and Africa. Ok?

Third, the big three markets are N. America, Europe, and Japan. Not South America or Australia. Australia is growing but Ps2 holds the record in Australia with like 3m sold life to date. Very small market. OK?

Microsoft has not sold 15-16 million in the US and Canada. That's Wii and PSP territory in sales. The Wii surpassed 360 in May 2008 in the USA with 11+ million while 360 had 10.3m or something. 360 may have around 13m in the USA and Canada, but not much more.

We need 19+ million SOLD. Japan is not over 800k for 360, but even if it were, it's not enough. So we are 6m+ in the hole and no markets left but small ones that can't contribute multiple millions of sales.

And for reference: the 360 ships in like 36 countries. I'm sure that number of countries has increased but not dramatically yet. The ps2? Ships in over 120 countries. So keep that in mind. :)

My link shows proof of playstation shipping in 120 countries. The link is for ps1, but as we know the ps2 is 140 million sold so we can without a doubt assume it shipped to the same 120 countries.

At E3 2008, Sony said PS3 was just breaking into Latin America. So PS3 has many more markets to break.

We can't wonder where the 6m+ is coming from. We should be at 2m+, that way we could "assume". 6m+ is way to much to "assume" for the xbox brand. I'm sorry.

Disagree's are just dumb. Don't tell me you don't question Microsoft's honesty. Seriously. Are you going to give me real NPD figures for N. America or are you going to believe they sold 9m+ in N. America since May 2008? Who's stupid?

Jack Meahoffer3483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

You go boy. Its very evident how flustered you are. Regardless if this guys figures are right or not the fact that you're tripping over your corporate worshiping club feet trying to protect your master is hilarious. Look at you squirm.

Look at that big fat wall of brand loving rant above me. ^^^^
You're really proving your point to everyone... WAAAAAAAH!

Keep up the good work and maybe with the new reorg Sony will find a place for you on the porch with Masa'.

3483d ago
eagle213483d ago

Thanks for adding NOTHING to the discussion. :)

19m+ unaccounted for man. Frantic? MS is frantic. I'm sure Greenberg was sweating bullet's on the phone: yea-ye-yeah..t-t-twenty eight thous..erm..million. He probably went to confessional after calling Edge. lol

You fail as usual sir. :)

Agent VX3483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

I think why, how did you put it, Jack Meahoffer pranced around the issue of whether or not MS sold 28 million 360's is quite frankly, obvious.... He don't care!!!

All Jack knows is that there are millions of more 360 owners than PS3 owners. All Jack knows is that the 360 has been killing the PS3 in sales over the past few months.

And Jack also knows that you guys on N4Ger's have absolutely no idea how many are sold or not sold. You see, eagle21 doesn't have an idea, and just because his little rant is long and he tries to give the illusion he knows what he is talking about, he doesn't. He doesn't have accurate figures, in fact, none of us do.

So really, lets quit pretending anybody here actually knows.

thenickel3483d ago

The 360 has way more games than pS3 and even puts out new ones everyday through a service called community games. Heck I can even make my games and put them out for everyone on live to try. 360 offers much more software and services so quit thinking PS3 has more when there only announced titles.

jetlian3482d ago

even vgchartz has it near 28! or 27.21

NA 15.71 million
other 10.64 million

Marquis_de_Sade3482d ago

Eagle, why are you comparing the 360 to the PSP? It's common knowledge the PSP is massively more popular in Japan, and the 360 is massively more popular in America.

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Max Power3483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

because i realized it speaks to truly for some.

360 man3483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

but look were its getting them

@ above

sonys ps3 cost more to produce than 360
it has a built in blu ray player and wi fi so there fore it can cost more than the 360
sony made the decision to go with all those extra components, and obviously wen theres more features more money has to be shed

if u ask me sony deployed a very flawed business strategy and they are paying for it

yh i know some times the truth hurts

Max Power3483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

who enjoys their system breaking and having to send it back to it can be fixed, some times several times. now that is a flawed business strategy. Why wouldn't sony introduce a new format it worked before so why not do it again?

360 man3483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

please stop defending people who were charging 600 dollars for a console

600 dollars

thats criminal

frickin high street robbery dat is

in fact let me ask you a question

if microsofts strategy is so crap and sonys is so good why are sony still last with no advancement in closing the gap ?

@ below

1 to make sure they have the edge on the direct competition (wether the competition responds or not isthe competitions perugative)

2 because they probably could, 360 is alot cheaper to manufacture than ps3

so there u go

Max Power3483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

500 dollars, and i got a dualshock 3, MGS4, Blu-ray player, and the rest that doesn't come included for other systems.

if there was no advancement between sony and ms then why did they cut the price of their system for the second time last year, because they were selling so great and felt the consumer deserved a treat?

But twice? i mean once is plenty to stimulate increase in sales, but unfortunately that didn't work and more people were purchasing ps3s, so to combat this they cut it once more to make sure that they didn't come out underneath sony once again at the end of the year.

Nemo883483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

High street robbery??

Its been broken down *numerous* times by firms like iSuppli how much a ps3 costs to make and the fact they are/have been LOSING MONEY ON EACH PS3 SOLD.

High Street Robbery is: MS charging $100 for wifi, selling Way overpriced proprietory and LIMITED hard drives, $199 for what is now a DEAD HD Format in HD-DVD, charging for online gaming and the fact that if you factor in these extras you come out the same or more expensive than PS3, for an inferior, NOISY, hardware failure-prone console in X360.

Also earlier you said "just give it up Sony"- I take it u were just flaming?? Why should Sony stop giving Joy to us that love our PS3's and games even if they cant catch 360? Do you want them to drop us and bring a PS4 like MS did with the first Xbox? Or do u want them to leave? Cos if MS did that first time round youd have no 360 as it wasnt just an 5-8 mil 1 got Slaughtered matey.

Dont be ridiculous. A price drop could do wonders and I think they will be about par by the end, and only cause MS WILL PULL OUT AND DROP A 720 RATHER THAN GET CAUGHT, and think soon after FFXIII drops for 360.

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