IGN: Theresia Review

IGN writes: "Theresia offers a mature, high-concept Nintendo DS experience that, while frustrating at times, might provide adventure gamers with the fix they need. Two games in one, it sends players down a pair of twisted tales following different characters. While the stories are intriguing and puzzles well-designed, parts of the game are just clunky and stuck in ancient trappings.

Both accounts begin with your protagonist awakening in unfamiliar surroundings with no memory of who they are. They must explore a mysterious facility and piece together clues to determine what has occurred. This is much more grown-up stuff than you normally find in a DS game. Set in a world of agony and misery, the stories deal with themes of genocide and atonement. While the tone is welcome, Theresia could maybe use just a tad lightening up. The humorless atmosphere might have been interspersed with the occasional comic relief. I did find myself wanting to push on and discover the meaning to all this madness, though."

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