10 Reasons Why Physical Media Owns

From We here at Format War Central decided to give Physical Media the spot light by telling the world: "Hey, Physical Media Still Kick's Ass!".

1. People Like Physical – Whether its a 12" vinyl record or simply a DVD case, people have always wanted something they could hold, to tell them "Hey, you own that!". Stigma related to this ensures people will always have place in their hearts for years to come.

2. Bit Rates – Consumers are a odd bunch when it comes to quality, some are fine with VCD type video playing back on their 55" HDTV, others won't settle for that, they want the best! Physical media is capable of reaching bit rates which currently wouldn't be possible on digitally distributed content for a variety of reasons.

3. You Can't Sell Digital – If you're sitting on 50 copies of Doom on HD DVD hoping they'll be worth something one day, don't bother. Depending on the title, you could get a hefty sum of money for it down the line. Unfortunately, the same would not apply to digital content, something tells us your 20GB Xbox 360 HDD filled with the third season of Heroes won't hold much value 20 years down the line; in fact a few months down the line and we're sure the HDD would be worth more than the show! We wonder how much your colorized Casablanca VHS is worth?

4. Unified – With Digital Downloads, almost everyone and their sister [company] are releasing a distribution device/platform, it's a lot to take in! To add to the frustration none of them will work "across the board". Compared to lets say a Blu-ray player where you can play almost every format known to man, including Blu-ray, DVD, CD, HD DVD [combo player], VHS (Yes that´s right, VHS!) and more! Adding to the irony, many also have the ability to stream content from places like Netflix and soon Blockbuster.

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eagle213509d ago

Who can argue against this? Physical Media is the way to go, unless you enjoy wasting time and money. :)

thebudgetgamer3509d ago

but i am also a collector.
and it is hard to have a library of dd games


Lucreto3509d ago

People think physical media is dying but vinyl is starting to make a come back.

UltimateIdiot9113509d ago

I love a physical collection even for my games. I try to avoid DD at all cost and look for a disc copy. So far, I've purchased 11 Blu-ray movies and love it. Besides, who can admire a bunch of DD at glance?

sa_nick3509d ago

Plus not all countries have unlimited download plans.

People in the US are complaining about comcast capping them at 200GB of downloads per month, there are people in Australia capped at 10GB, 2GB, 1GB, hell even 200MB!! And I'm not saying a few, there are million of people like that.

How is someone with 200MB of data usage per month gonna download a freakin movie?