GamesRadar: Battle Fantasia Review

GamesRadar writes: "Pretty, isn't it? Like the forthcoming Street Fighter IV, Battle Fantasia's 3D graphics power 2D gameplay, and it looks almost as good as Capcom's new fighting king. Battle Fantasia is a departure from Arc System Works' heavy-metal fighter Guilty Gear, and no, before you ask, it's not nearly as good. The Arc trademarks are all there – crazy character design, flashy visuals, lashings and lashings of crazy Japaneseness – but it's a very different fighter, and one of the best introductory fisticuffs games in years."

You'll love

* Beautiful and inventive character designs
* Traditional in the best way
* A more tactical approach to fighting

You'll hate

* Not enough people play
* A little too safe
* May be too simple

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