GamesRadar: Meteos Wars Review

GamesRadar writes: "It's that time again, kids. Ever since Space Invaders invaded our land, videogames have had us defending this lovely planet of ours from all manner of intergalactic mischief-makers. Meteos Wars continues the theme of planetary assault, with blocks plummeting towards your fragile world. If too many enter your gravitational field, it's game over. As you'd expect, you've got to match three or more identical blocks either vertically or horizontally to clear your screen and avoid a block overload. So, the question is, what's new?"

You'll love

* Fresh take on falling blocks
* Satisfying feedback for success
* Pleasing amount of depth

You'll hate

* Sluggish controls compared to DS
* Needs human opponents for real fun
* Falling blocks are played out

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