MSI at CES: Wind U115 / U120, NetOn all-in-one PC, gaming laptops galore

Engadget writes: "If you thought that MSI would allow CES to pass it by without unleashing a veritable smorgasbord of new kit upon us, you're dead wrong. For starters, the company will be showcasing its Wind U115 and U120 netbooks for the first time in the public eye at CES, and those oh-so-intriguing NetOn all-in-one machines we spotted overseas will also be making their US debut. Said rigs will arrive in 16-, 19- and 22-inch flavors, and it's expected that Intel's dual-core Atom will be powering the trio. Carrying on, we've got the EX625 and EX623 entertainment lappies joining the EX family with inbuilt subwoofers and Blu-ray drives, and the GT725, GT727, GT627 and GX420 will all be sliding into the gamer-centric GX line. Finally, MSI will be demonstrating its first "eco-friendly carbon fiber concept gaming notebook," so we'll definitely be sashaying over to wrap our paws around that."

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