PS3 Fanboy 's "PS3 games to look for in 2009"

PS3 Fanboy Writes 2008 was "The Year of the PS3?" Pfft. "Excuse us, but even PS3's fantastic 2008 library won't be able to compete with the likes of 2009. In one year, you'll see the likes of Killzone 2, Uncharted 2 and Heavy Rain. And there's tons of other exclusives, PlayStation Network titles, and third party titles that are bound for the system. (And to think, there are still games that haven't been revealed yet!)

The following list includes games that are currently scheduled for a 2009 release. However, as was the case in 2008, some of these games may stumble into delays. The list is broken up in order, with PS3 exclusives coming first. (And boy, are there a lot!)

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Beg For Mercy3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

talk about a stellar lineup and its still things that not even announced yet

LightningPS3PS33482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

with all those games, and double the price of the XBOX 360, who knows Maybe PS3 will only get outsold slightly by XBOX 360 in 2009.

When is Sony gonna stop shooting the PS3 in foot with this extra price? Just because of F*cken blu ray, who no gamer gives a sh*t about, meanwhile XBOX 360 just takes all the gamers.

It's just hard to watch.

December NPD will be like 1500k to 600k,

I hope it's even worse than that, because Sony deserves a whooping, they need a reality check. Either start competing in the gaming market or drop out. Its embarrassing for me to go to the stores and buy PS3 games, everyone looks at you like you're crazy. I don't blame them. Who buys a PS3? Only hardcore Playstation fans who don't value money.

Grooski3482d ago

Since when is the sales of a console spoiling your game time? Look at that list of exclusive games in 2009. Then look at the list of third party releases in 2009, all but a few are coming to PS3. Look at the number of Blu-ray titles due for release next year. If you can't find at least a half dozen reasons not to be looking forward to this years offerings, you are not a gamer and should hand in your f*cking badge and gtfo.

Seriously, if you are THAT concerned about sales figures, buy an X360 and see the grass aint that greener.

Better sales doesn't mean better experience. Three RRODs later - my lesson learnt.

Powertesties3482d ago

without a doubt 2009 is the year of the ps3!
It's got the games and the features to take 2nd place.

Or is it 1st? The Wii doesn't count as a real game console does it?

Panthers3482d ago

Lightening, you are a sad excuse for a gamer. All of these games and you worry about sales figures. As long as games keep coming out, I dont give a f*ck about sales.

The PS3 is a value for what you get. When PS2 came out, I thought I would never need DVD. Now look. The same can be said for blu-ray in about 4-7 years.

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drewdrakes3482d ago

Stop it with the "year of the..." crap. I don't care, just give me the good games. I don't need you to tell me the year, a calendar does that job just perfectly.

FYI, its 2009 (year of the ox, according to the Chinese).

UnSelf3482d ago

LMAO that was hilarious bubbles + ((ahem) no pun intended)

Bob Dole3482d ago

It's the year of Bob Dole.... get ready.

peedie163482d ago

the PS3 should have another good year

MURKERR3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

with the price cut, the amazing lineup for 2009 which i know must make you a little green, it'll be ANOTHER amazing year for ps3 owners,but look on the bright side you got the multiplats to look forward to ;)

killzone next month people cant frigging believe it

pixelsword3482d ago

*pulls out newly-purchased peanuts*


Ninja-Sama3482d ago

The quality and the sheer amount of titles is staggering. It's safe to say I won't be able to purchase them all :(

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