Guru3d: HIS Radeon 4870 ICEQ4+ Turbo Review

Guru3D: "It's amazing how things evolve really, or more precisely... how fast things evolve in the technology sector. This year a good number of games were released that actually make good use of a frame buffer (the videocard memory your graphics processor can use directly) larger than 512 MB really well. Specifically, in higher resolutions with a decent amount of Anti-aliasing and DX10 games, the benefits of more frame buffer is showing more intensely. Don't be fooled though. Say, you stumble into a 1GB Radeon 4830 or something similar, chances are big it's a waste of money. Why you ask? Only in the higher resolutions or uber demanding games in DX10 it'll start to make a difference, and mid-range graphics cards just do not have enough rendering power for that."

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