IGN: TrackMania DS Hands-On

Based purely on PC until the upcoming TrackMania DS release in just a couple months, TrackMania is an often-free (at least for your first addictive taste), online, easy to get into racer that always seems to find its way around offices and PC LAN competitions such as LanFest, QuakeCon, or BlizCon. The concept is extremely simple (basically a fully-realized Ghost mode from Mario Kart, blown up to full game status), and thus this virus-like spreading of support has made TrackMania one of the most popular and user-fueled PC titles in the last few years.

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Cajun Chicken3304d ago

Nadeo should be making a DD version for PSN.

Why PSN some of you ask? Because UGC is allowed and the success that LBP has got, also players will be 'locked out' on XBL due to not paying fees and Trackmania has always been free online.