GT212 to sport 384 shaders, 256-bit mem interface w/GDDR5?

Firing Squad writes: "Take this report with a healthy dose of skepticism. German site Hardware Infos is reporting what it claims are the specs for NVIDIA's upcoming high-end GT212 sourced from sources "close to NVIDIA". According to the site GT212 will ship with 384 stream processors, up from 240 in today's GTX 280. The site also says GT212 will feature 96 TMUs (versus 80 in GTX 280). Hardware Infos also claims the GPU's shader cluster has been reworked, with the GPU now sporting 12 shader clusters (instead of 10) with 32 stream processors per shader cluster (GT200 features 24 SPs per cluster)."

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TheIneffableBob3510d ago

This GT212 needs more ROPS. The increase in ROPS from G92 to GT200 was very little.